Ruby on Rails

Need a Ruby on Rails team for the foreseeable future? We've got you covered. Our team of experts craft solutions with high-quality user experiences for startups and enterprises. Whatever is the nature of your project, we have professionals to deliver it successfully under the budget and time.

We provide end to end Ruby on Rails consulting to companies around the globe. Our mission is to revolutionize the process involved in solving the strategic or routine IT problems that affect business growth. We have developed many API’s and Gems for our clients.

  • Meta Programming
  • Neural Network Programming
  • Building Gems
  • Jruby Programming
  • Server setup and deployments
  • Batch processing
  • Unit Testing programming
  • Rdoc based code comments
  • Bootstrap Based Design Integration
  • Customized rack middleware
  • Parallel Processing with workers
    and queues
  • We work on all popular databases like Postgresql, SQL.
  • Deep experience in developing performance monitoring tools like new-relic, benchmark etc.
  • Expert in integrating Server APIs with various authentications like basic, oAuth2 etc.

Our Recent Work

Financial Research Start-up
Movers And Packers
Manpower Provider Company
Electronic Security Start-up
Koduc Express Paypal
Koduc Stripe
SFDC Lead Generation


Analysis of Business Requirements

“Defining the problem statement”, is the most critical step involved in any root cause analysis. Our Ruby on Rails consultancy team specializes in understanding even the smallest glitch that your application may face and provides consulting accordingly.

Cloud Deployment Consulting

We support our clients in deploying the Rails application in a robust and performance centric manner. We help clients in selecting resources (platform, database, etc) which are apt for the application.

Custom Software Development Consulting

Our RoR Consulting team understands the specific business requirements of the client and helps them in choosing the best solution or product that specifically caters to their business needs.

Solution Architecture Consulting

Our solutions are designed to help customers to meet their strategic goals, in a more cost-efficient and reliable way. This also eliminates any process inefficiencies that can hamper the process flow. Our expertise lies in defining the solution to common problems like, which third party integration needed with the application and why?

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