A leading OTT platform provider. Allows customers to build and run their OTT business. Provides the following features :

  • Content management platform.
  • Real time Analytics.
  • Video management platform.
  • Content Monetization through various strategies.
  • Integration with major Payment Gateways.


Business Requirement was to provide Real time analytics on Management dashboard - such as.

  • Content streaming statistics.
  • Active Users, User Retention, User Lifetime value.
  • Monetization - Revenue graphs, Subscribers.

These will help customers drive their Marketing campaigns, Subscription offers etc.

The Solution

The entire platform was deployed on AWS and used RedShift for providing BI / Real time Analytics. Redshift is Amazon’s relational, OLAP-style cloud data warehouse product.

  • Streams were enabled on DyDB tables.
  • The DyDB streams were processed by Lambdas.
  • The preprocessed data was sent to Kinesis.
  • Data was received and stored in S3.
  • Redshift Spectrum / COPY was used to read and load data in Redshift cluster
  • Once data was available in AWS Redshift , it was used for running BI and generating real time analytics.
Application Architecture

BI generated was utilized through other products like Periscope
KPMs were available to display on Customer dashboard.

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