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Client Overview

A Salesforce Service Cloud user with material handling project needs ranging from facility management, preventive maintenance, installations & more.

  • The material handling application provides services to customers
  • It acts as a mediator between the Customer & Vendors


  • Customizations built on the top of Salesforce making it complex
  • Catering to customers' needs required deploying products every week, making the application unstable & prone to failures
  • Quality issues & application breakage with new changes
  • Random changes, no release management & unplanned QA cycles


A properly detailed QA

  • Manual QA
    Created a detailed regression test suite & implementing agile.
  • Result
    Finer quality, faster development cycle, catering to more customer needs

Manual QA was not sufficient for a complex application
Building automation coverage

Opting for Provar, an automation licensed tool specifically for Salesforce

Handling manually + week deployment isn’t feasible

Considering Salesforce distinctive frames, tabs, strong security & configuration features, automation is the finest option for coverage

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Implementation Approach

Identified & initiated
path cases for automation
Used Jenkins for CI/CD for
scheduling automated script runs
Generated reports, videos &
screenshots after each run to generate counts
& details for failures for manual analysis
Configure the
for running the test


  • An understanding of resource requirements for the manual
  • iterations of Manual QA helped identify the unstable areas & issues missed by Manual QA
  • Furtherautomation reduced the production bug count & manual resource needs
  • Effective use of automation in CI/CD assured immediate feedback improving productivity & throughput

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