Client Overview

The client is the leader in Mobile Liquid measurement and industrial devices, specializing in overfill prevention products as well as providing highly accurate liquid level measurement and IoT hardware.

Problems Faced By Them

  • 01
    Capturing bulk real-time data from IoT devices securely for analysis and representing it in human readable and graphical forms.
  • 02
    Data should be queried with RDBMS-like statements.
  • 03
    Ability to provide historical data on demand at a low cost.
  • 04
    Boost Scalability and performance.

How We Helped Them Using AWS

AWS DynamoDB

  • Fast NoSql Database
  • Integrate with AWS Glue and S3, Amazon Kinesis data stream
  • Single-digit millisecond performance
  • 99.999% availability
  • Fully managed Serverless Database with Auto-Scale


  • Scale, and move quickly, with AWS IoT
  • Secure device connectivity for management, storage, and analytics
  • AWS IoT has the broad and deep services needed to build complete solutions

Amazon Kinesis Firehose

  • Easily capture, transform, and load streaming data. Created a delivery stream

Amazon Athena

  • Serverless, highly scalable streamlined analytics services
  • Submit a single SQL query to analyze data from non-relational, object, and custom data sources

Architecture Diagram

Architechture Diagrame


  • Able to collect real-time data from thousands of devices
  • The high volume of data can be read and written
  • Able to perform data processing
  • Enable high data availability