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Salesforce® Marketing Cloud

How about organizing, optimizing, and customizing the journey of your clients by elevating the productivity of their marketing activities? Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services are without a doubt the go-to option for this task. It is a marketing automation software to access comprehensive details of your clients and nourishes their journey while moving forward. It is successful in helping by:

salesforce marketing cloud services

Ksolves is backed by an experienced team of developers and architects guaranteed to deliver the best for your business. Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services start from consulting and move all the way through support. The service is highly rich with the influence of numerous processes and products which can be easily molded based on your requirements. So, get ready to customize the journey of every client with our services!

Our Salesforce® MarketingCloud Products

Journey Builder

Journey Builder will help you in designing the targeted marketing campaign for a large audience. As soon as the audience starts expanding, data-driven marketing campaigns are hard to manage for individual clients. This is where Journey Builder will come in handy with its customized segments and timely engagements.

Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Email Marketing is still a widely accepted and fruitful technique to connect with the target audience. Salesforce Cloud Email Studio takes the process a notch higher with tailored content persisting the weak patch of your customer. The smart use of attractive templates and persuasive content will surely snatch the traction of the customers.

Customer 360 Audiences

How about gathering the data from different sources and stitching them together to analyze the customer segment? It will help you in designing a tailored marketing campaign for that particular customer. Now, the imagination can be brought into reality with Customer 360 Audiences. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Product will collect the data from all end-points and allow you to categorize the customer.

Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio

In order to analyze customer behavior and design marketing techniques, you need to persist with constant conversations and interactions. This is where Mobile Studio brings an opportunity to stay connected with the customers through mobile phones. The highly effective SMS and MMS marketing campaign will be carried out by the product.

Social Studio

Improve your social media presence with Marketing Cloud Social Studio. The product will help you maintain a social presence across various platforms to meet your target audience. Now, don’t worry if your social media game is not strong! Social Studio is there to help you and bring out results for you.

Salesforce Advertising Studio

Your customers can be present anywhere across the digital world, and advertisement is a prominent way to track them. Salesforce Advertising Studio helps you design an advertising campaign for various websites and social media platforms to gather a larger audience.


A marketing intelligence platform that will furnish the marketing campaign and magnify the results. Datorama allows the centralization of all the data available and views analytics to extract valuable insights. These insights will further help in refurbishing the marketing campaigns to draw a better result.

Interaction Studio

Have you ever wondered about the concept behind customized advertisements while shopping online? Well, it's the Interaction Studio Product that gathers insights from mere interactions and personalizes the advertisements based on your requirements. The marketing representatives will receive suggestions from the Studio for their next action based on interactions.

Marketing Cloud Data Studio

Designing a campaign based on the data you have is fruitful, but designing a campaign based on the data collected by your competitor is surreal. The Data Studio Platform allows you to exchange the data collected by other firms and drive a new audience for the business.

Google Analytics 360

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Google Analytics 360 is a sweat amalgamation of two driving forces to lead the marketing campaign of the company. Google Analytics 360, when integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enhances the data insights with prominent comparisons and suggestions.


Pardot is a marketing automation tool which accelerates the marketing processes, sales funnel, and analytic generation. The product will surely boost the productivity of the company with quick campaigns and greater results.

Web Studio

Websites are an actual representation of the services and products your client has to offer. Therefore, it should be highly reactive and equipped with all the marketing techniques. Web Studio is exactly the product you are looking for. The product will boost the performance of the website and apply suitable marketing strategies to grab the attention of audiences.

Strategy For Our Marketing
Cloud Solutions


The team of Developers will connect with you and examine your aspirations and requirements. Ksolves understands the situation and will ask relevant questions to channelize the best marketing strategy.


Our team of Salesforce Consultants will analyze the current status of your company and the goals you are targeting. Based on that, we will suggest multiple solutions or even a single solution capable of gathering a large audience.


Ksolves takes the responsibility to deliver with customer-centric approaches and solutions. Our implementation process is nothing short of taking full charge of the situation. We will work together as a partner to garnish your business growth.


Improvement is always served as a necessity! With that belief in mind, Ksolves focus on constant improvement and eliminating the non-functional factors. Our team has enough room for innovations and tries unique solutions to retrieve better results.

Confused With A Plethora Of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Products?

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Salesforce® Marketing CloudUse Cases

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services covers every facet of marketing that can be easily pondered by each company regardless of the niche. The use cases which are definitely a necessity for all companies, can be listed as:

  • check iconCreating scenarios for different categories of customers.
  • check iconCapturing the data through various platforms and processing it for results.
  • check iconCollecting and analyzing the insights based on customer communications.
  • check iconExpanding the clientele by reaching new audiences.
  • check iconExtracting the best out of marketing solutions.
  • check iconPlanning out data-driven marketing campaigns.
  • check iconEmail marketing with dynamic content and responsive template.
  • check iconIncreasing the social media presence exponentially.
  • check iconAddition of personalized advertising into marketing campaigns.
  • check iconDedicated mobile communications.
  • check iconElevating the number of quality connections.

Benefits Of Salesforce®Marketing Cloud

  • check iconTailor-made Advertisements
  • check iconCost-effective Marketing
  • check iconEnhanced Accessibility
  • check iconSmooth Implementation
  • check iconDedicated Client Journey On The Go
  • check iconFlexible Data Model

Why Choose Ksolves For
Salesforce® Marketing
Cloud Services?

  • check iconIntegrating business objectives into marketing automation processes
  • check iconOmni-channel execution for enhanced engagement
  • check iconConstant journey and interaction mapping
  • check iconQuick Asset development
  • check iconExecutive Dashboard establishment
  • check iconSmooth cross-platform integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a CRM platform for marketing representatives that ensures data-based designing of marketing campaigns and channelizes constant monitoring of the results.

If you ask ‘how does marketing cloud works,’ it basically covers end-to-end marketing processes including customer journey, campaign analytics, audience building, advertisement, audience segmentation, and campaign management.

Exactly as it sounds, the amalgamation of Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Financial Services is another platform specified for FinTech Firms. The platform design marketing campaigns for these firms and draw maximum audience attention.

The data generated through Salesforce Marketing Cloud acts as a fuel to enhance analytics produced by Google. This combination is a dream to have for marketing representatives of your team. Contact Ksolves now!

Do you know, on which platform your customers are wandering? Well, they can be anywhere, based on their personal preferences. Salesforce Advertising Studio bridges the gap between your advertisements and the target audiences. This particular reason is enough to explain the impact of this platform.

The customer base of Salesforce Marketing Cloud is huge and still increasing with each passing day. As far as big players in the market are concerned, the platform is used by:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Exxon Mobil Corporation
  • AT&T

Ksolves is amongst the leading Salesforce marketing Cloud Service Providers in India and the USA due to these reasons:

  • ISV Salesforce Partner
  • Developers and Experts with more than 20 years of experience
  • 80% customer retention rate
  • 350+ Developers and Architects
  • Global Presence

Marketing Cloud Journey Builder is a tool available for designing targeted marketing campaigns for a large audience, specifically. With the information available through Salesforce, Journey Builder targets customized segments.

The cost of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service can vary depending on the requirements of the company. Once you enlist the requirements with the services you choose to implement, prices will be provided on request. If you want to know the cost of Ksolves’ Salesforce Marketing Cloud Service, click here!