Project Name

AIO Integration with Cypress Automation Tool

Angular, Laravel, PHP, Android and iOS, Manual and Automation Testing


Our client specializes in offering ticketing platform solutions for events like festivals, conferences, concerts, venues, shows, and other events. It is designed to help event organizers achieve successful events, whether they are conducted in person or virtually. Since they provide a live-streaming platform, they are in search of a solution to address and resolve testing challenges arising within the application.



  • The client encountered challenges while trying to integrate AIO with Cypress, which posed difficulties in the testing process.
  • Integrating Percy with Cypress proved to be a complex task, creating obstacles for the team in implementing visual testing efficiently.

Our Solution

To overcome the challenges, we have helped them with our comprehensive solution, as mentioned:

  • We have started the process with the manual QA testing process, where we created a detailed regression test suite and implemented an agile testing process. This helps us understand where and how to improve the quality according to business requirements and create a stable product for end users.
  • Then, we use the AIO Test Case Management tool. During the test cycle, which of the test cases we execute from automation manually, we need to execute into the AIO cycle. With the integration of AIO with Cypress, we mentioned the test case ID of AIO in the automation script. Once we execute the script, it will update the AIO test cycle. We can also mention the multiple test case IDs in a single script if required.
  • For unit test case purposes, we simulate API responses and utilize Cypress plugins to validate the email address and confirm the existence of attachments.
  • Bit Bucket: CI/CD, Once we commit any code to the specific branch, that code will execute into the pipeline based on the.yml file. We can also configure to execute the same script on multiple environments using the .sh file.
  • Percy: Implementing the Percy tool for visual Android and iOS testing. Visual testing is the automated process of detecting and reviewing visual UI changes. Integrates seamlessly with popular testing frameworks and provides visual differences for easy identification of visual discrepancies.


Hence, the implementation of the AIO Test Case Management Tool reduces the manual efforts of the QA team that works on identifying UI changes and streamlines the test cycle. Our QA team successfully established effective testing processes, managed various testing types, maintained test suites, and directed our focus towards higher-quality development practices, ultimately enhancing the overall product quality and efficiency of our testing efforts.

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