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Create an environment for storing and capturing Big Data to reveal progressive patterns and correlations! Ksolves Big Data Services will help you ingest Big Data and extract valuable insights in order to design handcrafted solutions for your business.
Get your hands on the complete range of big data services including implementation, consulting, support, and analytics to elevate the efficiency of your business.

Big Data Consulting Services

Ksolves delivers a plethora of services which are customized to meet the requirements of individual organizations. We aim to provide start-to-finish assistance to extend our support in every high and lows of your business. With that thought in our mind, we’ve designed our Big Data services.

Big Data Consulting

Data management has always been an issue for companies, especially the ones concerned with big data. With extensive experience in the field, Ksolves will lay out the idea for big data architecture. Data retention and additional cushion will remain the priority apart from personalized requirements. With ideal big data architecture, you can elevate the user experience of your customers and further enhance the productivity.

Big Data Support

Once the plan is implemented, you will surely require follow ups to ease the process of big data management. Fortunately, Ksolves will not leave your side until you are completely satisfied. Services like software updation, health checks of big data solutions, troubleshooting and performance monitoring will be covered under big data support. Data recovery, cleaning, and managing will be add-ons for each customer.

Big Data Implementation

Planning is effective only if the implementation is appropriate. This is where the enthusiastic team of experienced developers and designers won’t let you down. We mainly focus on the quality and security aspect of the big data implementation. Apart from that, we will lay out the governance procedure, as well. Get ready to receive top-notch services to manage big data.

Big Data Analytics

Extracting and managing data from different sources won’t be a tough ask with Ksolves behind you. With our Big Data Analytics service, we will organize and analyze the data in the form of reports. The service will help you implement new ideas based on the analysis and improve the growth of your business.

Why Choose a Big Data Consulting Company For Your Business?

  • check iconOptimization of savings
  • check iconEnd-to-end efficiency
  • check iconCreates room for new products and services
  • check iconAccelerates sales

Looking out for prominent solutions from the Big Data you have? Consult The Best Big Data Consulting Company in the USA & India, Ksolves!

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Big Data Technologies

Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi is a tool to automate the data flow from one system to another. Generally, moving big data from one system to another is a tough task. However, Apache NiFi makes that easy and compact for you with its wide range of functions and benefits. And, Ksolves will enable you to enjoy all the benefits without any glitch.

Apache Cassandra

The most challenging part of big data architecture is storing and retrieving the data whenever required. Apache Cassandra is here to eliminate this challenge and provide a stable database for users, regardless of the scale of data. Ksolves, with its immense experience, will help you extract every feature of the tool.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark Big Data enables lightning fast computation to accelerate the productivity of your business. The tool will save your time and eliminate the errors while maintaining the utmost security. Ksolves will help you personalize the experience of processing the big data without hampering the security features.

Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is a collection of software utilities that allows you to store and process data at the same time. The tool uses a cluster of systems to achieve the feet and reflect error-free and quick solutions. Our expertise is integrating Apache Hadoop coupled with regular follow-ups pushes Ksolves in the best Big Data Consultancy Services in India.

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka provides a library for the users to build applications and websites streaming data. With real-time analytics, processing big data becomes easy. However, as the tool uses Java and Scala as its languages, you need an expert to eliminate errors. Ksolves, with a pool of highly skilled developers, raise its hand to guarantee utmost quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Large sets of organized and unorganized data used to reveal necessary information is referred to as Big Data. It is practically impossible to manage big data with traditional softwares.

5 V’s are basically key elements that suggest the transition of data into big data. These elements are:

  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Velocity
  • Value
  • Veracity

Big Data is an umbrella with numerous technologies under it. Some of the most crucial technologies can be listed as:

  • Apache NiFi
  • Apache Cassandra
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Kafka

Big Data components can be listed as:

  • Ingestion
  • Transformation
  • Analysis
  • Load
  • Consumption

Ksolves provide big data development services across the globe. These accolades of the company will build your trust towards Ksolves.

  • IPO launched public-sector company in National Stock Exchange
  • NASSCOM registered
  • Employees with over 20 years of experience
  • Worldwide presence in the market

A Big Data Consultant is responsible for laying out the shortcomings of the company and providing effective solutions to meet the aspirations of the organization. Merely to take the results a notch higher, Ksolves are the best Big Data Development Company in India and the USA. So, you can simply bank on the team!

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