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Data is the backbone of every organization, and how businesses interpret it is critical. The capacity to correctly interpret, process, extract, value, and visualize data would be the secret to a successful firm.

As a Big Data Consulting Company, Ksolves India Limited recognize that simply gathering data is not enough. You must use data to uncover significant insights about your procedures and put them into action. Our technical experts provide organizations with dependable Big Data analytics consultation and brief implementation services.

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Why do Modern Enterprises Need Big Data Services?

About 60 to 70% of collected data is unstructured & unused in an organization. To increase the overall revenue of the business, Big Data Analytics & Consulting services are the ideal solutions. Save your business by saving your data with us!

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Benefits of Big Data Analytics For Businesses
Real-Time Statistics To Transform Your Business Story!

Improves Business Productivity


Improves Business Productivity resolution rate


Increase in the return on equity

Why Invest In Big Data Analytics?
Transforming the Big Data into Big Thing

Analytics Upscale

As innovation continues to influence all industries, the combination of near-real-time & historical data provides organizations with a competitive advantage. Businesses have a significant chance to improve decision-making accuracy by using Big Data Analytics. Therefore, Big Data Analytics plays a vital role in upscale businesses.

Bring Business

Insights from Big Data Analytics Consulting Services assist marketing departments in discovering how to best engage with their clients across multi-channel communications and transaction funnels. Analytics users may dive into historical data to understand what previous initiatives were effective. Big Data helps industries stay ahead in a competitive world by predicting successful opportunities based on previous data.

Analytics Reduces

Data insights gained at the corporation level can be used to discover cost-cutting possibilities and cases of excessive spending. Big Data Analytics pays more than the amount spent by boosting sales, lowering expenses, or both. For example, insurance firms scan enormous amounts of claim data that may indicate suspected fraud and warrant further investigation by investigators.

Big Data Consulting Services
Secure Your Valuable Data With Ksolves Professional Big Data Services!
Big Data Consulting
Data management has always been an issue for companies, especially those concerned with Big Data. With extensive experience in the field, Ksolves will lay out the idea for a Big Data architecture. Data retention and additional cushioning will remain priorities aside from personalized requirements. With an ideal Big Data architecture, you can elevate the user experience of your customers and enhance business productivity.
Big Data Support
Once the plan is implemented, you will surely require follow-ups to ease the process of Big Data management. Fortunately, Ksolves will not leave your side until you are completely satisfied. Services like software updates, health checks of Big Data solutions, troubleshooting, and performance monitoring will be covered under Big Data support. Data recovery, cleaning, and management will be add-ons for each customer.
Big Data Implementation
Planning is effective only if its implementation is appropriate. This is where our enthusiastic team of experienced developers and designers will not let you down. We mainly focus on the quality and security aspects of Big Data implementation. Get ready to receive top-notch services to manage Big Data.
Big Data Analytics
Extracting and managing data from different sources would not be a tough task when Ksolves is with you. With our Big Data Analytics service, we will organize and analyze the data in the form of reports. The service will help you implement new ideas based on the analysis and improve the growth of your business.
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Our Big Data Implementation Strategy
Implementation Process Made Only For Your Business
Step I
Business Problem Definition

During this stage, our team understands the business area, which includes the reason and goals for doing the analysis. The problem is recognized at this step, and assumptions are made about how much profit a firm will make after conducting the analysis.

This step includes essential actions such as defining the business challenges as analytics challenges that may be handled in multiple steps. It assists decision-makers in understanding the business resources that must be employed, consequently estimating the underlying budget necessary to complete the project.

Business Problem Definition
Data Definition
Step II
Data Definition

After identifying the business case, it is time to select the relevant datasets to work with. At this step, research is conducted to determine what other firms have done in a comparable situation.

The sources of datasets might be external or internal to the enterprise, depending on the business case and the extent of analysis of the project at hand.

To fully use the potential of big data analytics services, it is necessary to find additional data sources that may be leveraged to collect structured and unstructured data. Our big data team will then prioritize and assess them throughout this step.

Step III
Data Collection and Filtration

Once the data source has been determined, it is time to collect the data from that source. The majority of this material is unstructured. The data is then filtered, such as by removing corrupt or irrelevant data that is unrelated to the analytical purpose. Corrupt data is defined as data with missing records or mismatched data types.

Data Collection & Filtration
Data Analysis
Step IV
Data Analysis

Depending on the nature of the large data challenge, analysis is performed. This type of study gives conclusive answers to particular queries and validates whether or not an assumption was correct. The data is studied in an exploratory study to learn why a phenomenon occurred. This style of investigation explains 'why' a thing occurred. This study does not yield final answers; instead, it identifies trends.

Step V
Data Visualization

Using the information from the datasets, we have the solution to several queries in this step. However, these responses are still in a format that cannot be delivered to business users. To get value or a conclusion from the study, some form of representation is necessary. As a result, numerous technologies are employed to show the data in graphic form, which business users may readily comprehend.

The evaluation of big data analytics results is thought to be influenced by visualization. Furthermore, it enables users to discover solutions to unformulated inquiries.

Data Visualization
Use of Analysis Results
Step VI
Use of Analysis Results

The analysis is complete, the results have been displayed, and it is now up to the business users to decide how to apply the information. The outcomes can be utilized to optimize and enhance the business process. It may also be used as input to improve system performance.

Why Choose Ksolves for Big Data Services?
We provide industry-specific solutions that flawlessly manage
Big Data in your business.


We are committed to achieving great results and take pride in everything we do.

Improved Innovations

We use challenging and innovative ideas to provide the highest quality Big Data Development Services.


Our valuable combination of analytics, technologies, and industry expertise strengthens the company and drives success.

On-Time Support

Our customers choose us because we provide unmatchable results in less than no time.

Skilled Professionals

Our highly-qualified professionals have years of expertise in developing problem-solving strategies for your business.

Proven Client Success Stories

Our agile methodology helps in the efficient and successful operation of businesses and allows them to remain competitive.

Big Data Technologies
Ksolves India Limited offers a wide range of Big Data development services using
high-end technologies that are tailored to the needs of particular businesses.

Apache NiFi

Apache NiFi is a tool for automating the data flow from one system to another. Moving large amounts of data from one platform to another is a difficult process. Apache NiFi makes that simple and convenient with its vast range of capabilities and benefits. At Ksolves, our technical experts will allow you to reap all of the benefits without interruption.

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Apache Cassandra

The most difficult aspect of big data architecture is storing and retrieving data as needed. Apache Cassandra is intended to solve this problem and give customers a reliable database, regardless of data size. Ksolves vast expertise will assist you in extracting every element of the tool.

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Apache Spark

Apache Spark Big Data allows lightning-fast computing to boost your company's productivity. The tool will save you time and reduce mistakes while providing the highest level of security. Ksolves will assist you in personalizing the experience of processing massive data while maintaining security features.

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Apache Hadoop

Hadoop is a set of software tools that allow you to simultaneously store and process data. To achieve the goal and reflect error-free and speedy solutions, the tool employs a cluster of systems. Ksolves is one of the top Big Data Development companies because of our skill in integrating Apache Hadoop and regular follow-ups.

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Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka provides a library that allows users to create apps and websites that stream data. Big data processing becomes simple with real-time analytics. However, because the program is written in Java and Scala, you will need the assistance of an expert to eliminate errors. Ksolves, with its pool of highly competent developers, raises its hand to ensure the highest level of quality.

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What are Big Data Services?
Big Data refers to large amounts of structured and disorganized data that are utilized to reveal important information. Traditional software is incapable of handling large amounts of data. Big Data services assist businesses in maximizing data value and achieving business objectives through big data analysis.
What are the 5 Vs of Big Data Technology?
The 5 V’s are key elements that suggest the transition of data into big data. These elements are:
  • Volume: The term 'Big Data' refers to a massive amount of information.
  • Variety: It refers to the type of data—organized, semi-structured, or unstructured.
  • Velocity: The term velocity refers to the rapid collection of data.
  • Veracity: It refers to irregularities and uncertainty in data.
  • Value: The 5th V is simply yet importantly the Value of data.
What are Big Data technologies?
Big Data is an umbrella with a variety of technologies under it. Some of the most important technologies are as follows:
Apache Cassandra, Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, & Apache NiFi.
If you need Big Data consulting services, consult with Ksolves today!
What are the components of Big Data?
The components of big data are as follows:
  • Ingestion
  • Transformation
  • Analysis
  • Load
  • Consumption
What is a Big Data Consultant?

A Big Data Consultant is in charge of identifying the company's flaws and developing effective solutions to satisfy the organization's goals. Ksolves India Limited is one of the top Big Data Development Companies helping companies to save, secure, and implement their data. Consult with us to know more!