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Apache Hadoop
Development Company

Apache Hadoop Development Company

Apache Hadoop is a framework used to process ample amounts of data at once with a cluster setup. Apache Hadoop Development Services will allow you to store and process big data with an easy-to-access and compact framework.
When it comes to Big Data implementation, Apache Hadoop undeniably sits at the top of the table. Ksolves will help you grab the opportunity to avail the benefits of Hadoop framework. Ksolves will customize Hadoop as a service for you as per the requirements of your business.

Our Apache Hadoop
Development Services

Hadoop Architecture Design

We will assist you from the scratch and lay out an architectural design that meets the requirements of your business. Our research based on your present and future data traffic will make the process effective and fruitful.

Hadoop Implementation

Starting from the structure and size of the Hadoop cluster to the deployment, the service will cover end-to-end implementation processes. Our Hadoop specialists will ensure that you receive the maximum benefit, whether the deployment is on the premise or cloud.

Hadoop Integration

Whether you consider Hadoop as a service for storing data and generating analytics or integrating it with Apache Cassandra, our experienced team will ensure top-notch integration service for your convenience.

Hadoop Support

We won’t leave you alone at any stage, even after Apache Hadoop is integrated in your business setup. Security of your data will remain our top priority with backup configuration, proper settings, and replication.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apache Hadoop is used for storing and processing big data. It is an open source framework with high scalability and rapid processing speed.

HDFS is a data storage system distributed to store large amounts of data. Its integration with Hadoop makes the processing fault tolerant and quick.

Using the MapReduce framework, it is a generic API used for Mapping and Reducing in any language. Streaming is integrated with HDFS.

The components that comprise the Hadoop Architecture are:

  • NameNode
  • DataNode
  • Job Tracker
  • Task Tracker

The modules used in Hadoop are:

  • HDFS
  • Yarn
  • Map Reduce
  • Hadoop Common

Throughput is the ratio of work done to the time it took to complete. Since, there are no coherency issues in Hadoop, the framework presents high throughput value.

JSON, CSV, AVRO, Sequence Files, Columnar, etc are some of the file formats generally used with Hadoop.

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