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On All Salesforce Development Services

Salesforce CRM Development Services On Display!

Ksolves covers the entire gamut of personalized solutions, starting right from the Salesforce rollout to implementation and customization.

Salesforce Platform Development

Ksolves understand that growth is a subjective concept where multiple factors have to turn in for desired outcomes. Therefore, our Salesforce Platform Development Service Providers have designed a model representing the set of activities we follow. Here is the Salesforce Development Service Model.


  1. To begin with, we analyze the requirements of your company with sales, marketing, and customer services as parameters.
  2. After that we suggest the Salesforce practices that will help you achieve your requirements.
  3. After the practices are followed, we help you with constant suggestions for improvement on each front.


  1. Our managed Salesforce Implementation Services include cloud implementations, consisting Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and others, to design the most-favorable solution for your company.
  2. We also help your business with additional product implementations like apps present in AppExchange, tools like CPQ and Einstein, and others.


  1. Ksolves will design a Salesforce environment that perfectly suits your business, starting from the layout to themes and icons. These alterations will be done through both configuration and code means like Visualforce, Apex Code, and Lightning Components.
  2. On the other hand, we develop custom applications to satisfy your complex needs. Indeed, there are certain complex or surprisingly minute tasks that need to be addressed.


  1. Salesforce Development Services also include integrating your Salesforce CRM with third-party applications to expand its productivity.
  2. Integrations with ERP solutions, Ecommerce platforms, social media, API, and others boosts the confidence of your employees, as well.


  1. User Administration and Data Administration will be our regular support tasks taking away administrational burden from your head.
  2. Our technical experts will continuously monitor the health and stability of your CRM module.
  3. In case, we find any bug during our checkup, it will be instantly resolved and fixed for continuity.
  4. On the monthly basis, we will follow the security checks to eliminate any error or malware and secure your data available.
  5. We will handle the user queries by providing a prominent solution and enhancing their user experience.
  6. Our constant improvements and user interactions will comply with the latest trends and help your business grow accordingly.

Salesforce CRM Development & Consultation

Our Salesforce Consultant follow a procedure to approach different companies, with respect to their domain and requirements. This set of services makes us one of the best Salesforce Consulting Companies in India and the USA.

Defining Business Objective

Ksolves Salesforce Consultant will remain by your side to address the challenges at constant intervals. This is where defining your business objective will play a huge role in pertaining to the requirements. Your requirements might range from visibility enhancement, short sales cycles, fruitful email marketing campaigns to sales automation and customer related services. Don’t worry, Ksolves have got your back throughout!

Selecting Salesforce Functionality

Once you’ve selected the goals for your business, it’s time to implement them. Ksolves being a leading Salesforce Consulting Company will ensure that a prominent functionality is selected for your business. We will present a layout of both default and custom functionalities for your business, and it’s your choice to select one!

Recommending Salesforce Edition

Salesforce Editions vary from function to function, and the same goes with the price, as well. This is where Salesforce Consulting Services of Ksolves will help you find a way. You won’t ever require all the features provided by CRM, so it would be smart to pay for what you use. Our best Salesforce Cloud Consultants will help you find the best edition that suits your requirement.

Designing Services

In this step, Ksolves’ Salesforce Cloud Consultants help you design the sales, marketing, customer support services with their respective Cloud feature. The Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud are well-known for designing customized and highly returnable Service models.

User Adoption Strategy

After integrating Salesforce into your business, it’s time to encourage users to adapt the Salesforce CRM strategies. Our Salesforce CRM Consulting Team will design a user adoption strategy to draw maximum users through training sessions, rewards, and release notes.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Services

Converting a lead into sales requires planning and plotting. Therefore, Ksolves combines numerous solutions and packs them into a Service Module. We can expand our Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation Service in:

Setting Contacts And Accounts

Our Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant will help you set up an account where you can simply save all the details of your customers. Interestingly, you can also categorize them for easy access

Setting Opportunity

In order to crack a perfect deal, you need to wait for the right opportunity. We will help you track the customer records and set up a perfect opportunity for a sales pitch. This way you can easily approach a quality lead with a better chance of converting.

Setting Lead

Marking and grading the category of lead can help you enhance the conversion rate. Setting up a lead will surely do the same for you with Ksolves implementing the process customized for your business.

Forecasting Sales

Ksolves will entertain you with regular sales forecasts to analyze progress and make better plans accordingly. This way, you can plan the right time to start a campaign, as well.

Generating Sales Analytics

Analytics is the representation of data in graphical representation, it will help you point out the weak links and make plans to resolve them. Ksolves will help you access the analytics with attractive themes and easy layouts for better understanding

Setting Campaigns

With the insights in your pocket, Salesforce Sales Cloud will also help you set up a marketing campaign to generate new leads. The data will help you in personalization and improve the service quality to meet requirements.

Setting Territory

Managing your sales reps team won’t be an issue with Salesforce Sales Cloud Solutions in action. Ksolves will help you set up territory to monitor your team’s task and allot new leads as per requirements.

Setting Community

Setting up a community for your customers will let them find the solutions on their own and reach you for the service. Ksolves’ Certified Sales Cloud Consultants will help you set up a community with all your customers and leads under the same roof.

Data Migration

Data can never be sufficient, so you need data from all sources. One of the major Salesforce Sales Cloud capabilities is data migration. You can transfer the data from and to any source and widen your thought process.

Syncing Email

Ksolves will help you sync Salesforce with email sites such as Gmail and Outlook. This will enlist your communications and track the possible leads present in your contacts.

Setting Quotes

Salesforce Sales Cloud capabilities also include syncing with CPQ to generate quick quotes based on your customer’s configurations. Ksolves will help you with Salesforce CPQ Implementation with proper tutorials and suggestions.

Custom Solution

Apart from all the Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions, we can design custom solutions for you, as well. Our experts thrive on new opportunities and will grab with both hands if you provide one.

Salesforce Service Cloud Servicess

Our enhanced and diversified offerings make Salesforce Service Cloud a must-have tool in your CRM. However, the best Salesforce Service Cloud Use Case is still undiscovered. Salesforce has several other tools like Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud, and are used for their individual functions. How about combining the two or all of them at once? These are the wonders they will do for your business:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud is alway a hot topic! However, when used together, they create magic. Sales Cloud will extract the information of the individual customers which can be further used by Service Cloud for intelligent customer support
  • Salesforce Service Cloud envision interactions with the customers! If these interactions are used to design marketing campaigns, it will target the pain point of the audience. So, just imagine the crowd you’ll have to entertain.
  • If all the three Cloud Services are used together, your ROI, sales, growth and productivity are destined to accelerate.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

Ksolves is backed by an experienced team of developers and architects guaranteed to deliver the best for your business. Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services start from consulting and move all the way through support. The service is highly rich with the influence of numerous processes and products which can be easily molded based on your requirements. So, get ready to customize the journey of every client with our services!

Journey Builder

Journey Builder will help you in designing the targeted marketing campaign for a large audience. As soon as the audience starts expanding, data-driven marketing campaigns are hard to manage for individual clients. This is where Journey Builder will come in handy with its customized segments and timely engagements

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Studio

Email Marketing is still a widely accepted and fruitful technique to connect with the target audience. Salesforce Cloud Email Studio takes the process a notch higher with tailored content persisting the weak patch of your customer. The smart use of attractive templates and persuasive content will surely snatch the traction of the customers.

Customer 360 Audiences

How about gathering the data from different sources and stitching them together to analyze the customer segment? It will help you in designing a tailored marketing campaign for that particular customer. Now, the imagination can be brought into reality with Customer 360 Audiences. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Product will collect the data from all end-points and allow you to categorize the customer.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Mobile Studio

In order to analyze customer behavior and design marketing techniques, you need to persist with constant conversations and interactions. This is where Mobile Studio brings an opportunity to stay connected with the customers through mobile phones. The highly effective SMS and MMS marketing campaign will be carried out by the product.

Social Studio

Improve your social media presence with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio. The product will help you maintain a social presence across various platforms to meet your target audience. Now, don’t worry if your social media game is not strong! Social Studio is there to help you and bring out results for you.

Salesforce Advertising Studio

Your customers can be present anywhere across the digital world, and advertisement is a prominent way to track them. Salesforce Advertising Studio helps you design an advertising campaign for various websites and social media platforms to gather a larger audience


A marketing intelligence platform that will furnish the marketing campaign and magnify the results. Datorama allows the centralization of all the data available and views analytics to extract valuable insights. These insights will further help in refurbishing the marketing campaigns to draw a better result.

Interaction Studio

Have you ever wondered about the concept behind customized advertisements while shopping online? Well, it's the Interaction Studio Product that gathers insights from mere interactions and personalizes the advertisements based on your requirements. The marketing representatives will receive suggestions from the Studio for their next action based on interactions.

Marketing Cloud Data Studio

Designing a campaign based on the data you have is fruitful, but designing a campaign based on the data collected by your competitor is surreal. The Data Studio Platform allows you to exchange the data collected by other firms and drive a new audience for the business.

Google Analytics 360

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Google Analytics 360 is a sweet amalgamation of two driving forces to lead the marketing campaign of the company. Google Analytics 360, when integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, enhances the data insights with prominent comparisons and suggestions


Pardot is a marketing automation tool which accelerates the marketing processes, sales funnel, and analytic generation. The product will surely boost the productivity of the company with quick campaigns and greater results.

Web Studio

Websites are an actual representation of the services and products your client has to offer. Therefore, it should be highly reactive and equipped with all the marketing techniques. Web Studio is exactly the product you are looking for. The product will boost the performance of the website and apply suitable marketing strategies to grab the attention of audiences.

Salesforce AppExchange App Development

When it comes to the Salesforce Environment, you need applications for every instance. Therefore, having a trustworthy Salesforce AppExchange Development Partner, like Ksolves, by your side is a boon at every cost. Our Custom Salesforce Development Services touched every corner starting from internal and external apps and leading to AppExchange

Salesforce Custom App Development

  1. There are certain processes that can’t be addressed through other CRM platforms. So, Ksolves provides complex applications that add intricate value to your business. Our Salesforce App Developers are well-known for designing these complex applications, some of which are used to manage delivery and projects.
  2. We target the big fish but are more than capable of cooking an easy meal! Ksolves Salesforce App Development Services also include designing small applications that can be handy for a smooth run of your business.

Salesforce AppExchange

  1. If you are looking to launch an application on the AppExchange platform with extended Salesforce App Development Services, Ksolves will help you out and handle the development of the application
  2. We also develop AppExchange Applications to integrate the company's product with Salesforce. The product can be anything from a cloud platform to a web application, our Salesforce App Developers will pan out a prominent solution for you.

Salesforce Third-Party Integrations

When you consider the requirements of the company, they are never-ending and ever-increasing. Therefore, they need to turn towards Salesforce Integration Consultants for smooth, quick, and fruitful integrations. Having Ksolves by your side will help you solve these issues and transform your business processes from the start.

Stakeholder Identification

Salesforce Integration Solution requires stakeholders or teams to engage in the process. Before starting the process, Ksolves will identify the team with expertise and a solution-driven approach

Data Analysis

Before migrating the data, it’s crucial to analyze data needs. It helps us decipher the appropriate Salesforce Integration Tool and more accurate information about data.

Syncing Data

The next step involves the customization of to sync the source data with the destination data. This step is crucial to maintain seamless integration while migrating the data


Before the actual Salesforce Integration Solution takes place, we need to verify the readiness of the data. Therefore, this step involves verification of the process through several test runs


In this step our Salesforce Integration Consultants will safely and smoothly migrate the data for Integration. The migrated data will carry all the necessary validations, as well!

Salesforce CPQ Implementation Services

Sometimes, companies restrict themselves to explore opportunities in the world. They tend to follow the same path with minimal success. It's crucial to explore new applications to expand the horizon of growth. In fact, there are certain signs indicating your progression to these applications. Similarly, here are some signs indicating it’s high time that you require Salesforce CPQ Consultants.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation Service

Our seasoned Salesforce CPQ professionals had their fair share of experience in implementing complex CPQ solutions in Salesforce. We aim at fulfilling your company’s requirements with smooth and quick implementation of our solutions.

Salesforce CPQ Development Service

We handpick attributes to satisfy your business requirements and deliver a customized Salesforce CPQ solution. Our Salesforce CPQ Development Service is full of precision and solution-driven ideas.

Salesforce CPQ Support Service

What’s the requirement to divert your thoughts on the smooth functioning of Salesforce CPQ, when you have Ksolves Consultant behind you. Our team will make sure that all the shortcomings and hurdles are resolved beforehand, and do not affect the flow of your business

Third-Party Integrations With Salesforce CPQ

Sometimes, the requirements of the customer remain short with the features of Salesforce CPQ Services. However, Ksolves will not let you compromise with those requirements, as we offer third-party integrations, as well! Our Integration Service can extend (but not limited) to SteelBrick CPQ and Apttus CPQ.

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Our Processes

Elaborating Ksolves Salesforce Development Service Structure

Salesforce Service


During this process, our Salesforce Consulting Partners analyze the structure of your business and point out the weak link, if any. This will allow us to suggest a better solution for your business, whether it’s shortening the Sales Cycle or adding customer support software. All the solutions will be designed and customized to meet the business needs.


Based on the requirements of your business, there must be certain suitable Salesforce editions. In the configuration services, Ksolves will make sure that a prominent Salesforce feature version is offered to cover all the requirements. Apart from that, the capabilities of your team are also a point of consent before concluding a decision.

Salesforce Service
Salesforce Service


After selecting a prominent solution for your business, it’s time to integrate the process. Besides hassle-free integration and quality assurance, Ksolves will also help your team to understand the process and get used to the functioning of it. Salesforce Implementation Services will also include the transformation of valuable information into a fresh setup.


Salesforce Migration Services involves error-free migration of the data you’ve collected from multiple sources into the Salesforce environment. Our top-notch Salesforce Implementation Consultants will allow a smooth transition by creating end-points with the use of Tooling APIs.

Salesforce Service
Salesforce Service


After the data has been migrated from the old CRM to Salesforce, it’s time to launch the services and enjoy the benefits. Before the launching process, Ksolves will ensure that your entire team is proficient with Salesforce services and tools. We will always be there by your side while launching the software to ensure perfection.


Once the CRM is implemented in your setup, Ksolves will make sure that you don’t face any issues after. Our support services will eliminate the hurdles and allow you to focus on your business. Top Salesforce Consulting Partners of India and the USA are merely a call away

Salesforce Service
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Why Is Salesforce So Popular?

Salesforce is popular due to these reasons:

  • High-quality products
  • Powerful ecosystem
  • Data security
  • Backward compatible upgrades
  • Constant innovations
What Are The Benefits Of Salesforce?

The benefits of Salesforce can be listed as:

  • Flexibility
  • Plethora of applications
  • Customer Information
  • Account planning
  • Team collaboration
  • Time management
  • Easy to manage
Is Salesforce Worth The Money?

Salesforce is used by giants like Spotify and Amazon Web Services, which expands the community of users. With the prominent guidance of an expert Salesforce Consulting Partner, like Ksolves, CRM will give you more than you spend on it.

How Much Does Salesforce Professional Services Cost Per Month?

Ksolves design their prices according to the requirements of the company. We offer different services and their collaboration to meet your aspirations, which makes the service cost variable. If you want to receive an idea of pricing, feel free to contact us.

What Are The Products Of Salesforce?

Salesforce Application Development Services of Ksolves deals with the following products:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Community Cloud
  • Salesforce Analytics Cloud
  • Salesforce Apps Cloud
  • Salesforce IoT Cloud
Will I Get The Copyright Of The Source Code?

Ksolves being the leading Salesforce Development Company surely understands the importance of privacy. We will share all the Source Code which will be used for the development of your solution.

What To Look For When Hiring A Salesforce Managed Service Provider In India And The USA?

When you are hiring a Salesforce Managed Service Provider in India and the USA, look out for these attributes:

  • Certification
  • Experience
  • Problem-solving Attitude
  • Start-to-end Support System
  • Individual Role Expertise
What Is The Difference between Managed Service And Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is handing over a piece of work or tasks to service providers who are experts in their field. You are only concerned with the end-task while outsourcing. On the other hand, Managed Services include hiring a team of employees for certain tasks. During this, you monitor the entire process and shape your end result, accordingly.

What is the role of Salesforce Implementation Partner?

A Salesforce Implementation Partner like Ksolves will sit by your side and hover around the business process of your company. We will try to find a weak link and suggest improvements to recover them. Apart from that, we will take the responsibility to imply fresh solutions and extend our support for the future.

What are the different approaches to Salesforce Implementation?

There are three different approaches to Salesforce Implementation, listed below:

  • Big Bang Implementation

In this implementation process, old CRM users are transformed to a new platform with components best suited for their business.

  • Phased implementation

In this implementation process, transformation to the new environment is divided into several chunks. One chunk is focused at a time with all the processes followed respectively.

  • Parallel Implementation

In this implementation process, both new and old platforms run simultaneously for some instances to maintain the continuity.

What should be the process after implementing Salesforce?

Best Salesforce Implementation Companies In India like Ksolves extend unhinged support even after the Implementation process. We make sure that our customers have no issue at any instance of their Salesforce experience.

What challenges do small companies face in Implementing Salesforce?

Challenges faced by small companies while implementing Salesforce are:

  • Data Accuracy
  • Less Coding
  • Salesforce Adoption
  • Salesforce New Feature Releases
  • Standard Feature Implementation