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The Salesforce Lightning Platform

The Salesforce Lightning platform comes with countless benefits and the future of sales and CRM lies within this.

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Increase Sales At Lightning Speed

Reps can manage pipelines and projects with just a few clicks on the Lightning platform, allowing them to focus on what's next on their sales path.

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Create Apps Faster

With easy-to-reuse code across components, you can create incredible apps with remarkable returns on investments and alter custom applications anytime.

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Do Better With AppExchange

You can get multiple components and apps to improve your CRM performance from AppExchange, the leading enterprise cloud marketplace.

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Work Smarter With Salesforce Einstein

With Lightning, you can use Salesforce Einstein to identify insights, forecast results, recommend the best next steps, and automate operations.

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Quick Access To Productivity Tools

The Utility Bar, a special type of Lightning Page, gives your users quick access to standard productivity tools like Recent Items, Notes, and more.

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Customize Salesforce For Your Brand

With myLightning, you can personalize and brand Salesforce according to your needs and create an experience that is unique to your company.

There's Something For Everyone On
The Salesforce Lightning Platform

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For Admins

Salesforce Lightning enables administrators to create apps quickly and efficiently by utilizing the responsive, reusable Lightning Framework, which relies on clicks rather than coding.

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For Developers

As a developer, you can utilize Lightning Developer Services to build scalable apps, automate complicated activities, and customize the user experience, all while maintaining the greatest levels of trust, governance, and security.

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For Business Users

The Lightning Experience makes everyone more productive in every moment. Business users can uncover benefits that can boost their return on investment as well as their team's overall efficiency and productivity by using the Salesforce Lightning platform.

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For IT Team

Using pro-code tools, no-code builders, and built-in enterprise services, Salesforce Lightning Platform allows IT and businesses to collaborate on app development with minimal maintenance. The platform provides IT teams with the apps they need most while also utilizing IT resources to develop new apps more quickly.

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Experience With Ksolves!

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Salesforce Lightning Services

Our Salesforce Lightning Services empower enterprises to make the most of the Lightning Platform.

Salesforce LightningApp Development Services

We at Ksolves can design efficient, bug-free apps that claim to fuel your sales, marketing, and customer service operations and modify apps to meet your business needs. We use Lightning technology to personalize your apps and help your processes run more smoothly. Our apps often rank well on AppExchange and our Salesforce Lightning App Development Services will never fail you.

Salesforce LightningCommunity Portals Services

With minimal configuration and development time, we design and develop custom lightning communities to enable you to connect with a large user base and provide them with an excellent experience. By leveraging our professional Salesforce Community Portal services, you can build a brand community space quickly.


Salesforce LightningConsulting Services

Ksolves Salesforce Lightning Consultants have all of the necessary skills to collaborate on a Lightning Strategy, utilizing their years of experience to give a well-thought-out plan to use Lightning Components, UX, and automated processes. We are fully equipped to create strategies that will benefit your company, as well as assure you a seamless transfer and offer you a cost-effective Lightning solution.

Salesforce Classic To LightningMigration Services

The migration from Salesforce Classic to the superfast Salesforce Lightning platform is time-consuming and requires extreme caution. We use our knowledge and relevant technology in assessment, testing, and gap analysis to ensure a smooth and flawless migration.


Salesforce LightningSupport & Maintenance Services

We are the leading Salesforce Lightning Support & Maintenance Service Provider who provides that everything on the Lightning Platform is operating correctly. We offer remote administration for day-to-day concerns like security, user management, routine maintenance, and monitoring. Primarily, we focus on innovative working methods to consistently deliver the best results to its customers.

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Salesforce Lightning Platform

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    What is Salesforce Lightning?

    Salesforce Lightning introduces a new experience, architecture, and environment, focused on streamlining business processes. This framework simplifies the development of responsive apps for any device by using technologies, such as Lightning Component Framework, Lightning App Builder, and Experience Builder.

    What are the advantages of the migration of Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning?

    The benefits of switching from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning are numerous. Salesforce Lightning offers a new and improved user interface with additional features that make it easier and more interesting for users, but Salesforce Classic has an outdated user experience that is lacking in numerous key areas. Salesforce Lightning also has email notifications/alerts and mobile access, and it has greater flexibility than Salesforce Classic in terms of OOTB features. There are several advantages of Salesforce Lightning versus Salesforce Classic. Let’s have a look!

    • A simple, intuitive user interface
    • Kanban View
    • Improved Reports & Dashboards
    • New Lightning Path
    • Better Activity Timeline
    • Salesforce Einstein
    • Lightning App Builder &Snap-Ins For Service Cloud Users
    What is the Lightning Component Framework?

    The Lightning Component framework is a user interface framework used to create interactive web applications for both mobile as well as desktop platforms. It's a contemporary framework for developing growth-oriented single-page apps.

    How to migrate Salesforce Classic to Lightning?

    Companies with complex Salesforce Classic setups continue to reject Lightning, instead of meeting the challenges of a CRM upgrade. Salesforce Classic to Lightning migration will not be that difficult if you use a suitable and managed approach. Companies that delay upgrading to Salesforce Lightning may miss out on a new user interface and a lot more special capabilities. So, don't let the thought of a difficult migration deter you from switching to Lightning. At Ksolves, we have migration professionals who can help you plan your shift and make it as smooth as possible.

    What is the component in Salesforce Lightning?

    A Salesforce Lightning component is a pre-built, reusable building unit that can be used to create Salesforce Lightning apps. These Lightning components let developers construct new apps faster.