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Salesforce Einstein


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Explore The Advantages Of
The Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein offers endless possibilities to deliver the best customer experience.

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Boost Productivity

With intelligent case classification, recommendations, and next best actions, Salesforce Einstein can help your team accomplish better outcomes in less time.

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Analyze Past Experiences

Salesforce Einstein enables you to gain deep insights from your customers based on previous interactions to prioritize leads and develop strong customer relationships.

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Scale Customer Experiences

It comes with intelligent chatbots to help sales agents answer simple client queries so that your agents can focus on more challenging matters, thereby increasing customer engagement.

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Better Recommendations

Einstein helps customers by proposing the best product for them. It does this by allowing users to personalize their searches and browse the company's catalogs.

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Intelligent Pipeline Management

By identifying key trends based on the data gathered, you can enhance forecasting accuracy, receive forecast predictions, and track how sales teams are doing using Einstein Discovery.

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Integrate Easily With Salesforce Clouds

Einstein interacts seamlessly with Salesforce Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, and many other Salesforce Clouds, providing a consistent customer experience across departments.

We Are Familiar With Salesforce Einstein

Guided Selling
Einstein Recommendations

assist you in recommending the next best thing based on your customer's behavior and traits.

Product & Pricing Rules
Einstein Predictive Sort

gives more personalized product results using artificial intelligence and client data.

Quote Generation
Einstein Search Dictionaries

automatically extract data from search results and add them to existing dictionaries.

Advanced Approvals
Einstein Chatbots

relieves your service agents by using NLP to handle regular inquiries and understand customer input.

Dynamic Terms & Conditions
Einstein Account Insights

helps you check all the major business events affecting your accounts in one place.

Solution Configurator
Einstein Activity Capture

allows your sales agents more opportunities to sell by syncing your email & calendar with Salesforce.

Accurate Prorations
Einstein Lead Scoring

prioritizes leads that are most likely to convert & close based on past experiences to build more pipelines faster.

Pricing Engine
Engagement Scoring

combines data & machine learning to create predictive models that forecast customer engagement.

Automated Payments
Einstein Opportunity Insights

helps you discover customer behavior, competitor engagement, & net target engagement in real-time.

Make Salesforce Einstein More
Powerful With Ksolves!

Build Intelligent Process With Ksolves
Einstein Consulting Services

Our Salesforce Einstein Consulting Services assist your company in maximizing the possibilities of Salesforce Einstein.
Implementation Services

Salesforce Einstein Implementation Services

Being the industry leader in offering intelligent Salesforce solutions, we blend CRM strategy, big data, machine learning, and Einstein implementation knowledge to develop long-term solutions that simplify your customer management process.

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Services

With our Salesforce Einstein Analytics Services, we can help you reach your objectives by using Salesforce Analytics to make smarter and quicker decisions. We collaborate with our customers to create an AI Roadmap that enables Salesforce Einstein to reach its full potential and give contextual insights.

Integration Services
Consulting Services

Salesforce Einstein Customization Services

Salesforce customization and configuration services strive to fit Salesforce Einstein solutions to unique corporate sales, marketing, and service requirements. Our Salesforce customization team customizes your CRM with Einstein to meet your unique business requirements, offering intelligence, efficiency, and powerful insights.

Tableau CRM And Einstein Discovery Consulting Services

As one of the best Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery Insights Specialists, we assist our clients in realizing the full potential of Tableau CRM and Einstein Discovery to decrease subscriber churn rate by identifying meaningful patterns in data without the need for specific data models.

Migration Services
Support & Maintenance Services

Salesforce Einstein Support & Maintenance Services

By using the Einstein for Salesforce platform, we help clients go live with their implementations, achieve their goals, and constantly innovate to maximize their value. We offer timely, precise guidance, proactive enhancements, and maintenance services to help you construct intelligent apps, business processes, and workflows.

Our Certified Professionals Can Help
You With Salesforce Einstein Setup

Salesforce CPQ
Tableau CRM Consultant
Certified Salesforce Consultant
Einstein Analytics Developer
Salesforce Certified Administrator
Lightning Sales Console
Salesforce Einstein Consultant
Einstein Sales Analytics
Einstein Analytics Specialist
Revenue Intelligence
Einstein Discovery Expert
Lightning Dialer
Tableau Implementation Partner

Salesforce Einstein Brings Benefits
To Users In Every Role

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Sales Cloud Einstein

Salesforce Sales Cloud Einstein is a one-of-a-kind solution that extends the Salesforce CRM platform's powers by delivering a set of intelligent features and tools to help you close more deals faster.

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Service Cloud Einstein

Salesforce Einstein assists in the development of AI-powered forecasts, suggestions, and chatbots for digital channels, resulting in happier customers and more productive agents.

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Marketing Cloud Einstein

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein provides your marketers with the tools they need to make every client journey and engagement a success.

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Commerce Cloud Einstein

At every touchpoint, Salesforce Einstein for Commerce Cloud eliminates the guesswork by providing precise product suggestions, and personalized product sorting, and relevant search results.

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Einstein For Admins

Admins can simply construct unique AI-powered applications with a few clicks, without having to get too deep into the coding side of things.

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Experience With Ksolves!

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    What is Salesforce Einstein?

    Salesforce Einstein is a comprehensive AI platform that has been successfully implemented in various Salesforce Clouds such as Marketing, Sales, Service, etc.

    What is Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

    Tableau CRM or Salesforce Einstein Analytics is a cutting-edge customer and business analytics platform that is mobile-friendly and increases CRM efficiency.

    Are Einstein Analytics and Tableau CRM the same?

    In their Salesforce Spring '21 Release Notes, Salesforce renamed Einstein Analytics to Tableau CRM. As a result, Einstein Analytics and Tableau CRM are the same thing and serve the same purpose in the Salesforce CRM workflow: to provide the greatest analytics and AI experience.

    Why should I implement Salesforce Einstein Analytics?

    To be competitive in today's data-driven world, your company must do more than simply collect data to fill data warehouses. You must be capable of acquiring, analyzing, and extrapolating meaningful, actionable insights from every accessible piece of digital intelligence in real-time. That's what Salesforce Einstein Analytics does for you.

    Salesforce Einstein Analytics helps you in a myriad of ways. It empowers you and your teams to convert data analysis into a collaborative activity, enables you to communicate with your teammates via user-friendly dashboards for real-time data exploration, enhances customer experience, and much more.

    Can I access Salesforce Analytics on my phone?

    You certainly can. Salesforce CRM Analytics is available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.

    How can a Salesforce Analytics Consulting Partner help me in enabling Salesforce Analytics?

    For businesses, Ksolves supports the successful implementation of Salesforce Einstein Analytics. Using this powerful Salesforce Analytics tool, we help you make sense of everything going on within and around you. We assist in the development of real-time reports and actionable insights to guarantee that your company is smart, efficient, and successful. Contact Us Todayto see how Salesforce Analytics can help you improve your CRM.