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CRM | Finance

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation for Customized CPQ System

Explore the success story of our client where we had implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud to enhance efficiency and data accuracy. Our solution includes automated opportunity classification, dynamic pricing calculations, instant price calculations, and sales rep control over CPQ execution for improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales.
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CRM | Manufacturing

Microsoft 365 Business Central and Salesforce Integration for the Manufacturing Industry

Explore Ksolves latest case study with a Salesforce integration solution to improve decision-making, boost productivity, and streamline the sales process. Get a clear knowledge of synchronizing data between Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Salesforce.
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Big Data | Information Technology

Assurance Analytics Transformation: Tableau to Power BI Migration

Experience the Ksolves success story of a global assurance provider from Tableau to Power BI migration. Discover how to unlock the enhanced data analytics capabilities while minimizing the disruption.
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CRM | Healthcare

Patient Medication Journey Management Project with Salesforce Health Cloud Integration

Learn the latest Ksolves Salesforce Case study where we optimize the patient medication journey management using Salesforce Health Cloud integration. By overcoming data challenges, we showcased a solution that results in improving patient interactions.
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ERP | Manufacturing

Odoo ERP Customized Solution to Elevate Manufacturing Workflow For Windows and Doors

Explore how our Odoo ERP Integration Solution helped our client to solve challenges for a windows and doors manufacturer. With the successful integration of Logikal and ATOM software, it becomes possible to streamline the project tracking capabilities.
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IoT | Information Technology

Transforming Liquid Measurement with Scalable IoT Data Solutions

Read out the latest Ksolves case study and explore how IoT liquid measurement solutions helped the client overcome the data challenges with AWS. Know how AWS DynamoDB, IoT, and other services work to facilitate real-time data capture, scalability, and high availability.
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Microservices | Finance

Implemented On-Premises Microservices-OpenShift Architecture For Fault Tolerance & Security

Explore the latest Ksolves Case study where we helped our client transform their monolithic architecture into business-oriented microservices adhering to fault tolerance on the Red Hat OpenShift platform that ensures high concurrency and security for a finance platform.
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CRM | Retail

Enhancing the Customer Data Management with Salesforce Service and Data Cloud

Read out Ksolves case study and know-how to overcome data management challenges with Salesforce Data Cloud solutions. Discover the way to optimize customer interactions and drive business growth.
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Apache Spark | Information Technology

Data Mapping Optimisation Through Apache Spark

Read Ksolve's latest case study and see how our team helped the client manage the massive amount of data with the Apache Spark implementation to streamline the data mapping and processing and deliver an adaptable and scalable solution.
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ERP | Manufacturing

Accelerating Payroll System Operations With Odoo Cloud-Based Software

Explore Ksolves latest case study that showcases how Ksolves customized Odoo Cloud-based Payroll Software transforms the entire company process by saving time and effort. Our tailored solution not only overcame the challenges but also simplified the payment process, ensured accuracy, and stayed compliant seamlessly.
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