Project Name

Partner Exchange UI Enhancement with Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Experience Cloud, Apex, Salesforce LWC


Our client was a leading telecommunication organization that provides a range of communication services including messaging apps, calling, chats, and video with its complete analytics. They were known for their robust 24/7 global customer support and robust training resources for organizations. However, they were looking for a solution to enhance Partner Exchange UI to improve service delivery and user experience.


Client Use Cases

  • The Partner can see the Partner Bulletin List view on PX UI and Clicking on Subject should open the respective PDF.
  • The Partner can see their basic information on the Active Dashboard section on PX UI.
  • The Partner can see the count and the sum of the number of Opportunities on a Quarter and annual basis on the key metrics section which is owned by them on PX UI.
  • The Partner can see Opportunity, Quote, Order, and Case Data on the Quick View Action Section also the clicked-on Name should be redirected to the detail page of the record, and the View All button should be redirected to the list view page of each object on PX UI.


  • The client was facing difficulty in showing data & data count on a Read and Unread basis.
  • It becomes difficult to handle email tracking on contact for bulk recipients.
  • It was complex to manage the CSS part to achieve the Figma provided by the UI team.
  • Another difficulty in achieving the complex validation rule implementation.

Our Solution

Ksolves Team has provided a robust solution for the Telecommunication Partner Portal that includes:

  • Our team implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud to revamp the client for a modern and user-friendly interface.
  • We developed and integrated the Partner Bulletin functionalities to ensure that bulletins are activated, published, and displayed on the UI Interface.
  • Then, we implemented an analytical view of reports and dashboards using Salesforce LWC and showcased the data in pictorial form that aids in data visualization and right decision-making.
  • With successful Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, we enhanced the security and user experience. For Notification display, the team developed Salesforce Apex classes for partner portals to call custom Notification APIs for instantly retrieving and data displaying.
  • We implemented Batch Apex classes for handling multiple email triggers and tracking the business activity to ensure emails with hyperlinks.
  • For complex validation rules, we implemented validation rules using triggers to ensure an accurate and efficient validation process.


With a successful Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation solution for the telecommunication industry, the client solved their challenges and ensured both functionality and enhanced consumer experience. This Salesforce implementation solution with Apex, LWC results in a well-planned system that streamlines the notifications and manages a massive amount of email communications as well. By providing interactive dashboards and data visualization strategies, partners can now efficiently track business orders, view key metrics, and navigate the data records. These improvements contribute to the sales growth that automatically solidifies the platform’s value to the partners.

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