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Where Java Solutions Transcend Expectations

Ksolves is an acclaimed Java development company that delivers the best web, mobile, and desktop software solutions. We create vibrant Java apps for both web-based & client-side requirements. Our scalable & robust backend solutions to businesses have won accolades worldwide.

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Our Java Development Services

When it comes to Java Development Services, innovation is our mantra, and we walk the talk! We use J2EE, Javascript, and JSP
environments, including XML, AJAX, Servlets, Hibernate technologies, Struts, MySQL, and Tomcat, to neatly craft large-scale Java
apps. Our experienced team has delivered Java projects across diverse niche markets.

J2EE Development

At Ksolves, we specialize in creating exclusive Java Enterprise solutions by harnessing the potential of the J2EE platform. Our reliable Java Development Services encompass feature-rich apps for enterprises of all sizes, offering a competitive edge in the market.

Java API Development

Leverage our expertise to craft light-weight APIs that score high in performance and can be consumed by any third-party application or front-end.

Java Application Migration

Our certified Java experts can migrate your business applications to match the evolving business demands, intuitive UI/UX, modern architectures, and latest web standards.

Custom Java Software Development

We are adept in developing complex ERPs & banking systems, large-scale enterprise apps, and other customized solutions that demand high-end security. We mold our java software development services to blend with your business at every level.

Java App Support & Maintenance

At Ksolves, our expert Java engineers allies with you to set up & execute Java apps. We extend tailored support & maintenance services to ensure agility & the best performance of your app 24X7. Leverage our app support, app management, and performance management services.

Java SPRING App Development

Our Java team is proficient in using the Spring framework to bring your projects to life & scale your operations. We implement simple solutions to complex requirements & engineer corporate scale apps.

Dedicated Java Teams

Our Java team comprises energetic Java enthusiasts who can easily sync with your organization to cater to your business needs & implement cost-effective solutions.

Java App QA And Testing

Apart from developing rich & reliable Java-based apps, we guarantee their rich quality by conducting stringent QA & testing on each of them. We also provide QA services to third-party Java apps.

Java Microservices

Ksolves provides enterprises with microservices development services to modernize IT legacy systems with secure, independent, and agile microservices apps. With us, build projects faster & with simplistic systems.

Dedicated Java Developers with Expertise
in all Major Frameworks

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Spring & Spring Boot Framework

We have experience in the popular Spring app framework to develop enterprise-grade apps that enable secure & seamless connection to database & management of business services.

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Our expert Java team has extensive experience in leveraging the dynamic full-stack Java framework, ensuring rapid and seamless development.

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Our dedicated team of experts takes pride in our ability to optimize complex browser-based apps using Google Web Toolkit. We are well-versed in harnessing this framework to deliver high-performance web applications.

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Our expertise in Hibernate ensures prompt and efficient web application development. Leveraging this full-stack web framework, we deliver seamless and precise solutions to bring your projects to life with excellence.

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Leveraging Struts, we create exceptional enterprise-level Java Applications. Our expertise ensures portable and easy-to-maintain solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Our Java developers can assist with Play framework development, API creation, integration with other technologies, cloud deployment, and maintenance.

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Certified & Experienced Developers
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the latest Java 8 features?

Java 8 provides the following features- Lambda expressions, Functional interfaces, Static methods in the interface, Method references, Default methods, Stream API, Base64 Encode Decode, Collectors class, Nashorn JavaScript Engine, ForEach() method, Parallel array sorting, Optional class, Concurrency Enhancements, Type and Repeating Annotations, JDBC Enhancements, IO Enhancements, etc.

What are the benefits of using java Stream API?

Java streams are pipelines that facilitate data flow and the functions are operated on the data. Thus, they are best suited to be utilized in any number of applications that require data-driven functions.

What are the top advanced Java concepts?

There are several advanced Java concepts. Such concepts are specially designed to develop network-centric, web-based, or enterprise-grade applications. Some of them are JSP, Servlet, RMI, JDBC, Synchronization, Singleton, Socket programming, etc.

What are the top current trends in Java?

Here are the top Java trends of 2021 at a glance:

  • Java 8 is the most popular version followed by Java 11
  • Spring remains the most popular framework of Java and is utilized everywhere- from online shopping to streaming platforms
  • Migration to serverless architectures is trending and it will accelerate in 2021.
  • Big data is the buzzword and Java is the most popular language for Big Data projects.
What are the types of Loops in Java?

Loops are utilized to accomplish a collection of statements on repetition until a specific condition is satisfied. In Java, there are three types of elementary loops. They are:

  • for
  • while
  • do-while