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Project Name

Cross Platform Polling System

JavaFX, Spring Boot, Gradle


Our client operates in the Educational Technology industry, and they need a Remote Polling Application for instructors and learners. Instructors use a device called a Receiver, while learners use Clickers to interact with the app. The motive of the Remote Polling Application is to enable real-time interaction and engagement between instructors and learners from different locations.

The client wanted a solution with a single code base that works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. They needed an app that would work on various devices, ensuring compatibility. The goal was to facilitate communication between instructors and learners effectively.



The client encountered several challenges and pain points before seeking our expertise to develop a cross-platform educational application. These issues included:

Frame 78
  • Platform Independency
  • Development Complexity
  • Inconsistent User Experience
  • Deployment and Distribution Complexity

Our Solution

To address the client's challenges and requirements, our expert development team devised a comprehensive strategy. We used JavaFX for designing the User Interface, Spring Boot for implementing the business logic, and Gradle as the Build System. This approach provided a unified code base, ensuring platform independence and eliminating the need for multiple code bases.

Key Contributions:

  • Platform Independence: By using JavaFX and Spring Boot, we achieved platform independence, allowing the application to function on various operating systems.
  • Efficient Business Logic: Implementing the application's business logic using Spring Boot simplified the development process. Spring Boot's streamlined approach reduced the complexity of managing separate code bases for business logic.
  • Unified Code Base: We devised a comprehensive strategy to build the application using a single code base that could run seamlessly on Windows, Mac and linux operating systems.
  • jpackage Integration: Implementing the jpackage tool allowed us to generate separate executables for each platform, simplifying distribution and deployment.
  • Consistent User Experience: Our focus on building a unified User Interface using JavaFX ensured a consistent and intuitive experience for instructors and learners across Windows, Mac and Linux.

Data Flow Diagram



    Our team’s innovative use of JavaFX, Spring Boot, and Gradle resulted in a successful development of a cross-platform Educational Application. We delivered a single code base solution that seamlessly operates on Mac, Windows, and Linux, while enabling smooth communication between instructors and learners. Our approach significantly reduced development costs, complexity, and time constraints, earning high praise from the client.

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