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Apache NiFi As A Service With Ksolves

Ksolves is a team of Software Developers, Testers, and Architects with the expertise of implementing Big Data services based on company’s requirements. We are a leading Big Data Consulting Company with a broad and experienced team of Apache NiFi developers with years of industrial experience. Due to our knowledge, skills, and expertise, we have unlocked the potential scope of NiFi-as-a-service that can take your company to the next orbit of excellence.

  • At Ksolves, we understand that Apache NiFi is an essential platform with seamless web-based UI to build robust, secure, and flexible data structures.
  • With the help of Apache NiFi, you can quickly adapt data from the different sources of the other formats while dragging and dropping without any hassle.

Our Apache NiFi Services

Our team of NiFi developers monitor multiple statistics of NIFI from multiple platforms to avoid errors and memory-related incidents. To increase performance, we process data on multi-nodeNIFI clusters with a uniform flow.

  • We help you to build your custom processors and add extensions.
  • We develop and test built-up custom processors and extensions.
  • For secure data processing, Ksolves leverages the multi-tenant authorization and internal policy management of NIFI.
  • With the complete stack of Apache NiFi components, we create data flows/protocols and pipelines.
  • We develop a highly configurable platform that help the users to prioritize data flows to reduce the risk of system overrunning with data.

Grab a chance to explore Apache NiFi as a service for your business and draw a clear picture of your future aspirations. How to use Apache NiFi? Don’t worry, our Apache NiFi demo will take you through the entire journey of NiFi getting integrated to your business. Get used to the interface of NiFi even before integrating it!

Our Technical Expertise As
Apache NiFi Development Company

  • At Ksolves, we provide the solution for data transfer and processing. It includes a NIFI web-based user interface to our users for seamless monitoring, design, and control.
  • We help businesses to leverage the complete data and machine capability to transfer and process a high volume of data.
  • At Ksolves, we provide cutting edge Apache NiFi service by scaling up with the zero-master clustering model.
  • Our data provenance service-based NIFI solutions help the users to track dataflow from the beginning to the end.
  • Ksolves’ Apache NiFi Development Services help the user to enable rapid development and practical testing.
  • We provide a solution that uses NIFI Pluggable, fine-grained-role-based authentication, and authorization.
  • We provide Flow optimization and NIFI cluster tuning for optimal performance to transfer and process the high volume of data.
Tools Used
  • Maven
  • Ansible
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana

Nifi Development
Services Use Cases


  • Single View Of Patient
  • Rapid Monitoring Of Vital Signs
  • EMR Optimization
  • Optimizing Supply Chain


  • Quality Control
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Supply Chain Optimization


  • CDR Analysis
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

Financial Service

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Risk Data Management
  • Fraud Detection

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Implementation Of
NiFi As A Service

Rapid Development

Apache NiFi accelerates the speed of application development with equally rapid testing.

Real-Time Monitoring

Apache NiFi allows the user to monitor data flow in a real-time environment with graphical representations.

Content Encryption

Apache NiFi enables content encryption to elevate the security standards of your data.

Guaranteed Delivery

Apache NiFi allows bulk flow of data with a delivery guarantee attached to it.

Why Choose Ksolves Apache NiFi Services?

Ksolves has been providing Apache NiFi Development Services in India and USA for the last 9 years. Our global clients have invested their faith in Ksolves, again and again. Here are the reasons on why you should invest your faith in us. We Are:

  • check iconPublic Company with IPO launched in June 2020
  • check iconSuccessfully Managing 200+ Clients
  • check iconNasscom Member
  • check iconCompany with 9+ Years of Experience
  • check iconMaintaining global presence

Frequently Asked Questions

As discussed above, NiFi can ingest any kind of data. Big data’s essential requirement is movement from one source to a different source into a centralized data lake. NiFi big data helps to facilitate the movement.

As NiFi can ingest any kind of data from any source to any destination, it brings different data types from different sources into a centralized data lake. In Big Data projects, data ingestion is a difficult task. With the help of Apache NiFi data services, developers can easily fetch data from different sources and release them into a centralized data lake.

Apache NiFi facilitates a configurable plumping platform for migrating data and enables tracing data in real-time. Apache NiFi is not an interactive ETL tool, but it can be a part of an ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) solution.

Apart from the multiple benefits, one of the significant benefits of Apache NiFi is that it supports clustering. Apache NiFi can work on various nodes with the same flow processing data, increasing data processing performance.

As NiFi leverages ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load), it is based on Niagarafiles, the NSA software.

The answer for ‘why use Apache NiFi’ can be simply answered with its real-time control, which helps the user to manage and move data from one source to another. NiFi can ingest any kind of data, allowing the user to extract data from different sources into a single pool of data.

In a recent record, NiFi has handled the data at an impressive rate of 9.56TB (42.4 billion messages) per 5minutes or 32.6 GB/second. It is expected that if improvements are made, it can handle more data.

Companies using Apache NiFi services in India and the USA are increasing with each passing day. Here is the list of the companies that deal in big data and using Apache NiFi majorly for migration

  • Micron
  • Macquarie Telecom Group
  • Dovestech
  • Flexlogix
  • Payoff
  • Onyx point
  • Slovak Telekom
  • GoDataDriven
  • Looker

And many more.

Apache NiFi is a data flow automation tool which is well-known for its lightning fast speed and scalability. Handling big data has never been this easy as it is with Apache NiFi.

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