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Business Benefits Of
Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers businesses an exceptional online shopping experience that comes with multiple benefits.
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Better Commerce Expertise

Order Management and Endless Aisle are just a few of the omnichannel services we provide. There are many more in the series.

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Improved Product & Resource Management

We simplify and ease the complex process of managing all of your items, inventories, and more so you can focus on your business's primary objectives.

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Seamless Digital Experience

We can also assist you in creating a centralized platform for your internal team to utilize to manage business operations with greater flexibility.

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Make Retailers Powerful

We give retailers more control over the templates they choose and the content they create to market their products.

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Best Testing Approach

We assist you in establishing personalized A/B testing capabilities within the system for improved merchandising.

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Easy Integration

We can integrate native features into your platforms, such as multi-store, multi-currency, and multi-language support as per your needs.

We Keep Up With The Most Latest Developments At All Times

We bring everything together on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform to give you and your customers a seamless, personalized experience.
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App Integration
Commerce Cloud Order Management
Backend Order Processing
AI-Powered Commerce
Lightning Sales Console
Commerce Cloud Store Management
Einstein Sales Analytics
Inventory Management Setup
Revenue Intelligence
Best Digital Experience Setup
Lightning Dialer
Vendor Management Setup
Salesforce Inbox
Integration with Salesforce CRM
Salesforce Sustainability Cloud
Storefront Development and Marketing
Sales Engagement
UI/UX Design Creation
Sales Cloud Einstein
Omni-Channel Commerce Setup

Create A Next-Gen Commerce Journey With Ksolves!

Deliver Personalized, Consistent Customer Experience With Salesforce Commerce Cloud Services

Our offerings cover both B2B and B2C Salesforce Commerce Cloud to help you offer exceptional customer experiences.
Implementation Services

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Services

Our developers at Ksolves worked quickly and professionally to build the algorithms and formulae to your specifications, provide test classes, and offer documentation. Being the one of the best Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation Partners, we have a fantastic Salesforce development team that offers businesses the tools they need to sell products and services online by leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration Services

Salesforce Commerce Cloud can be seamlessly integrated with other Salesforce products or third-party apps to provide you access to a multitude of capabilities in one place. Our ultimate objective as one of the leading Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration Partners is to exceed our clients' expectations and give their customers an amazing shopping experience across all channels.

Integration Services
Consulting Services

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting Services

We have extensive knowledge and experience with Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consulting Services, allowing us to assist your company in reaching new heights in a more efficient, optimized, and effective manner. Our business process expertise and technical Salesforce platform expertise can help you achieve tangible, transformational, and substantial business results.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Migration Services

No matter how challenging your needs are, whether they are for B2B eCommerce migration or B2C eCommerce migration, our competent Salesforce professionals will happily provide you with the best solutions. We will offer you the best eCommerce site migration services available. Also, we will tailor the eCommerce solutions to your specific company needs.

Migration Services
Support & Maintenance Services

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Support & Maintenance Services

Ksolves gives comprehensive assistance and direction in getting the most of Salesforce Commerce Cloud capabilities as a Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Consultant. Our superior Salesforce Commerce Cloud support and maintenance services include 24-hour tracking, a user help center, feature updates, and beyond.

We Do Exactly What You Expect From Salesforce
Commerce Cloud Platform

Guided Selling
Catalog Management

To assist customers in finding what they're seeking and allowing them to feel confident in making a purchase

Product & Pricing Rules
Marketing & Merchandising

To help you create and deploy new campaigns, promotions, and tests based on customer behavior

Quote Generation
Order Cycle Management

To process orders, manage inventories, and handle more complicated cross-channel transactions

Advanced Approvals
Customizable Commerce Solutions

To fuel innovation in your sales, customer support, marketing, and Commerce Cloud strategies

Dynamic Terms & Conditions
Multi-Site Management

To create and administer multiple sites from a single interface using Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Solution Configurator
Product Management

To simplify the introduction of new items, manage numerous products, and wow your users and customers

Accurate Prorations
Headless Commerce

To create creative experiences based on consumer data while also reducing your time-to-value

Pricing Engine
Campaigns Management

To help you plan, execute, measure, and analyze a campaign for gaining more visibility

Automated Payments
Chatbot Integration

To assist you minimize user request wait times, escalate support services, & provide your customers a great experience

Backed By A Strong Team To Deliver The Most
Exclusive Business Solutions

settings iconIf you run an eCommerce business, our customized Commerce Cloud Services, delivered by our developers and specialists, can help you generate big revenues for your business. settings icon
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Premier Support Partner
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud
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Salesforce Certified
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ISV Salesforce
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Certified Application
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Business Manager
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Consulting Partner
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Integration Partner
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Salesforce Summit
(Platinum) Partner
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Salesforce Commerce Cloud
System Integrators

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    What exactly is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the most favored B2C and B2B commerce platform in the world. Commerce Cloud unifies the whole customer journey across all touchpoints, allowing for a single, unified view of customer behavior, inventory, items, and promotions. This platform enables organizations to give a genuinely seamless experience from discovery through delivery and beyond by linking all digital and physical channels.

    Is the Salesforce Commerce Cloud a B2B or B2C solution?

    Yes, the Salesforce Commerce Cloud can handle both B2C and B2B commerce, but they are offered as separate product lines.

    What is Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B Platform?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2B is a cloud-based commerce solution that enables you to fulfill the complicated online purchase demands of corporate buyers. Salesforce B2B Commerce enables you to make money quicker, expand quickly as your business develops, and provide a simplified, B2C-inspired user experience to your B2B clients. Furthermore, Salesforce B2B Commerce is built directly on the Salesforce Platform, allowing you to link your commerce and CRM data for a single customer view.

    What is the full form of SFCC?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is abbreviated as SFCC. It is a top eCommerce software-as-a-service solution for retailers. It is the world's most popular B2C and B2B commerce platform. In a nutshell, SFCC helps businesses create intelligent, unified buying experiences across all channels.

    Is Demandware and Salesforce Commerce Cloud the same thing?

    Yes, Demandware and Salesforce Commerce Cloud are the same things. Demandware was acquired by Salesforce in a $2.8 billion deal in 2016, and the firm was renamed Salesforce Commerce Cloud. As a result, Demandware technology has matured and evolved into the Salesforce B2C Commerce solution over time.

    What marketing techniques are available to retailers to assist in engaging and retaining customers?

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the only commerce solution with Einstein that retailers can use to help them engage and retain customers. Brands can create beautiful, tailored purchasing experiences across all channels using Einstein, and the greatest thing is that no coding is required. You can also propose the best goods at every touchpoint using Salesforce Commerce Cloud. You can also save time and effort by automating merchandising chores. With data-driven commerce insights, you can also make 1:1 predictions for each consumer in real-time.

    What are the features of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    Salesforce B2B or B2C Commerce is a cloud-based commerce platform that transforms shopping experiences throughout all digital channels. It includes marketing, branding, content, advertising, customer support, distribution, and artificial intelligence among its many features. Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables 1-to-1 personalization without the involvement of data scientists thanks to next-generation artificial intelligence.

    Furthermore, Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables businesses to begin sooner, expand quicker, and reach a larger audience. This platform helps you create new consumer experiences that generate conversions and inspire brand loyalty by using the power of the cloud. Also, Ksolves, being one of the best Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultants, can help you ensure your success in Commerce cloud from strategy to launch and beyond.

    Is there a CMS feature in Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

    Yes, Salesforce Commerce Cloud has a Content Management System (CMS) that is built specifically on the world's #1 CRM, allowing you to provide personalized experiences at every stage. With Salesforce CMS, you can create content once and deploy it seamlessly to eCommerce platforms, mobile applications, or portals. Therefore, the main purpose of Salesforce CMS is to make it simple to generate and deliver content via any channel or device. You can effectively showcase content across websites and marketplaces using Page Designer and Experience Builder in the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform.