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Transforming Consumer Goods Cloud Management System

Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, Reports and Dashboards, Salesforce Mobile


Our client was a leading US-based company in the consumer goods industry. They were facing challenges in inventory and trade promotion management, seeking a more efficient and data-driven approach to enhance their operations. They connected with us to implement Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud, providing cost-effective solutions that significantly improved their processes and productivity.



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  • The client was encountering difficulties in effectively managing their promotional activities, which is hindering their sales and marketing efforts.
  • Implementing Consumer Goods Cloud poses a challenge as it requires streamlining the manual processes involved in representative store visits and inspections, which are currently resource-intensive.
  • The client seeks a more dependable and feature-rich platform to oversee their network of partner retailers, including the management of trade promotions and other related tasks.
  • The client desires a more robust solution to enhance their overall promotion management, ensuring that it is efficient and trustworthy for their business operations.

Our Solution

We have provided a reliable solution to our clients that helps them to overcome all the challenges. The solution given by us is discussed below:

  • Ksolves assisted the client in implementing Salesforce Consumer Goods Cloud to streamline inventory and trade management, aligning it with the client's unique needs and business model.
  • Ksolves introduced essential features within CGC to improve territory and account management, ensuring balanced workloads and optimizing representative performance.
  • Ksolves set up effective tools for trade promotion management and budget tracking, enabling the client to refine their promotional strategies and achieve a higher return on investment.
  • Utilizing Einstein Envision, Ksolves provided the client with valuable insights into past trade promotions and their outcomes, aiding in the development of future strategies.
  • Ksolves configured a Salesforce mobile application, allowing both clients and their representatives to access critical information anytime and anywhere.
  • By implementing Salesforce Maps, Ksolves facilitated efficient navigation for representatives to reach their destination stores.
  • Ksolves optimized collaboration and reporting mechanisms, enabling representatives to work closely on projects and meet their targets more effectively.
  • Ksolves set up action plan templates and automated task definitions, streamlining routine tasks and enhancing overall process efficiency for the client.

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The successful implementation of a cost-effective and reliable platform has greatly improved the client’s inventory and trade promotion management. It has enhanced the online accessibility of critical information, leading to increased operational efficiency and more effective utilization of their representative’s time. This achievement aligns with the client’s mission to optimize strategy and execution, now bolstered by data-driven processes.

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