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Apache Kafka
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Apache Kafka Services

We empower businesses to provide reliable compliant Apache Kafka services
for their enterprise processes and security needs

Apache Kafka

  • Apache Kafka Architecture Planning and Streams Analytics
  • Disaster Recovery Management
  • Consultation for Apache Kafka Supporting Technologies
  • Deploy Apache Kafka Across Multiple Data Centers

Apache Kafka Application
Development & Deployment

  • Apache Kafka Topics Design
  • Apache Kafka Connect Plugin Development
  • Streaming Application Development
  • Deployment Strategies for Resiliency & Availability

Apache Kafka

  • Implementation of Design patterns
  • Hardware sizing for Apache Kafka components
  • Implementation of Streaming application
  • Security Implementation

Apache Kafka

  • Integration with End-to-End Expertise
  • Apache Kafka Integration for Communicating Microservices
  • Integration of Design with On-Premise Clusters
  • Integration with Automatic Builds

Apache Kafka Support &
Managed Services

  • Tuning to Log Collection
  • Metric Monitoring and Alerting
  • Solutions to Data Streaming & Processing Challenges
  • Auto-recovery of Apache Kafka Services

Apache Kafka
Professional Services

  • Experienced Apache Kafka Consultants
  • Well-Equipped Apache Kafka Developers
  • Skilled Apache Kafka Analysts
  • Advanced Testing & Monitoring Team

Why Ksolves
For Apache Kafka Services

Let’s transform your doubts into faith!
Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka Collaboration
Ksolves' alliance with Apache foundation for a seamless Apache Kafka deployment and consultation is what makes us best in the class.

Track Record
Proven Track Record
Ksolves has an amazing track record of delivering successful Apache Kafka deployments with complete customer satisfaction.

Project Expertise
With cross-functional expertise and an extremely talented group of developers. Ksolves offers High-end Apache Kafka support along with training and guidance.

Round The
Clock Solutions
Round The Clock Solutions
Whatever be your query, big or small. You can contact us anytime.. Our customers can rely on us 24/7.

High Durability
Ksolves offer high durable Apache Kafka deployment that is optimized for high performance and fault tolerance structure.

Low Latency
We offer a low latency Apache Kafka model and make sure that customers enjoy performance with minimal delay.

Client Success

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Well-Celebrated Apache Kafka Development Company
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Public Listed Company
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CMMI Level 3 Certified
NASSCOM Certified
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10 Years of Salesforce Expertise
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Numerous Project Implementations
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Domain Expertise
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Cost-Effective Solutions


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Apache Kafka is used for

  • Stream processing
  • Metric collection and monitoring
  • Real-time analytics
  • Ingesting data into Hadoop
  • Ingesting data into Spark

Apache Kafka Architecture can be expanded as:

  • Data ecosystem
  • Producers
  • Consumers
  • Clusters
  • Brokers
  • Topics
  • Partitions
  • ZooKeepers

Apache Kafka Streaming is a library to process and analyze data already stored in Apache Kafka. It is used to build streaming applications that require input from Apache Kafka and sends back to it, as well.

Consumer is the system unit that reads the messages stored in Apache Kafka. A specific command line tool is associated with Apache Kafka that can be used as a Consumer.

Apache Kafka is mainly used for horizontal scaling. The framework was developed by LinkedIn to attain configurability at message-level and system-level. Since then, companies like Uber and LinkedIn have established their core on Kafka.

Producer is another system unit that writes to Apache Kafka. Similar to Consumer, Producer can be called through a custom tool.

Ksolves has partnered with Apache foundation to drive a smooth Apache Kafka deployment process. Starting from the beginning to the end, we cover every aspect to ensure a seamless experience.

We don't say it but our customers speak for us. With 9 years of experience in the industry, ksolves has earned many valuable customers that rate us among the best in the business.

If you are interested in partnering with Ksolves for your Apache Kafka development, just give us a call or visit the website.