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19th of June 2024

Salesforce World Tour Essentials Mumbai 2024

Join us at Salesforce World Tour Essentials in Mumbai to explore the Gen AI capabilities of our #1 SMS App for Salesforce. We are excited to offer an exclusive demo of our app’s Gen AI features. Visit our booth and grab this opportunity!

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23rd - 24th of August 2024

Odoo Community Days India 2024

Connect with our Odoo specialists at Odoo Community Days India and explore boundless opportunities to harness Odoo for your business. Discover our innovative Odoo solutions, apps, & modules. Engage with our experts, share your challenges, and get satisfactory responses to your queries.

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17th - 19th of September 2024

Dreamforce 2024

Meet our Salesforce specialists at Dreamforce 2024 in San Francisco and explore next-gen solutions empowering businesses to improve customer engagement & experiences. Book a meeting today!

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2nd - 4th of October 2024

Odoo Experience 2024

Join us in Belgium at Europe’s Biggest Tech & Business event to discover exclusive previews of Odoo 18 features and expert insights from our Odoo specialists!

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16th - 17th of April 2024

Global AI Show 2024

Join us at the Global AI Show, the world’s premiere event for artificial intelligence, in Dubai. Don’t miss the chance to uncover the future possibilities of AI and network with industry leaders & AI enthusiasts worldwide. Reserve your spot today!

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1st of March 2024

Ksolves Community Connect

Connect and build valuable relationships and gain actionable strategies from our Certified experts. Grab a coffee with us at Ksolves Community Connect and get exclusive insights to streamline your business communications.

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23th-24th of January 2024

Annual Predictive Analytics Summit 2024

Join Ksolves at Inventicon's grand event- 3rd Annual Predictive Analytics Summit 2024, uniting top professionals in Data and Predictive Analytics. Explore insights, advancements, and collaborative networking opportunities shaping the future of Predictive Analytics in diverse sectors.

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5th-6th of October 2022

AI and Big Data Expo 2022

People and communities can do amazing things together. And to prove the saying right, the AI and Big Data Expo 2022 is back. AI & Big Data Expo is one of the largest tech conferences in the world, where thousands of AI and Big Data solution deliverables, partners, and customers will unite. It is where innovation meets impact because business is the greatest platform for change. We can learn, connect, have fun, and give back. Celebrate with Ksolves the two days of the AI & Big Data fair. Click on the link below to view the event!

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25 November 2021

Fintech Festival India

Big Data is considered as a major issue all around the world. However, if you use it wisely and effectively, it's a weapon to have in your arsenal. Mr. Manish Gurnani, CTO at Ksolves, presented a profound presentation at Fintech Festival India. You might not want to miss that!

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