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Revolutionize Customer Service At Its Best With
Salesforce Service Cloud

Faster and smarter customer service, that's what Salesforce Service Cloud guarantees.
Support Personalization

Service Cloud 360 gives you all the tools you need to improve client engagement, and the best part is, that you can personalize it in your own way.

Intelligent Workflows

To keep things operating smoothly, you can save time by automating internal procedures or reducing manual and repetitive tasks.

Uplevel Agent Experience

Salesforce Services Cloud improves agent experience and simplifies their tasks for better customer service.

AI-Powered Chatbots

Salesforce Service Cloud AI chatbots efficiently eliminate human interaction and enhance reaction time via offering self-service options for better customer service.

Actionable Insights

One can gain insight into every customer interaction, from the first click-through to the last transaction and beyond.

Mission-Critical Field Service

To enable teams across sectors, mission-critical Field Service comes with Dynamic Priority, Einstein Recommendation Builder, Asset 360, and Appointment Assistant.

We Do Exactly What You Expect From Salesforce
Service Cloud Platform

Guided Selling
Social Customer Service

To track and respond to cases and leads generated on social media sites more quickly

Guided Selling
Omni-Channel Routing

To intelligently route client inquiries across several service channels and the relevant skillset

Guided Selling
Lightning Service Console Setup

To improve agent productivity and the customer experience while making customer support more omnichannel-read

Guided Selling
Case Management

To help you handle problems more quickly and monitor every customer contact on a single streamlined dashboard

Guided Selling
Telephony Integration

To improve the entire client experience by simplifying and streamlining your call center's process

Guided Selling
Effective Automation Approach

To automate common, complicated, and repetitive business processes

Guided Selling
Account and Contact

To provide your agents with the ability to collect, track, and manage critical customer data along with important information about past interactions

Guided Selling
Custom Reports and
Dashboards Creation

To track consumer information and make informed decisions with real-time reports

Guided Selling
Asset and Order

To keep track of your client's assets, purchases, records, and more in a time- and cost-effective manner

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Witness Faster Customer Engagement With Ksolves
Salesforce Service Cloud Services

At Ksolves, we offer Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, integration, migration, customization,
and more related services to help you give the best customer service possible. You will be able to
address client problems more quickly with the aid of these Salesforce Service Cloud services.

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Services

When it comes to Salesforce Service Cloud deployment, modification, and development, we consider ourselves to be innovators. We have a specialized team of Salesforce professionals at Ksolves. With our tailored Service Cloud implementation services, we can help you enhance the quality of the service, productivity, and customer loyalty.

Salesforce Service Cloud Integration Services

Enterprise systems in your IT architecture, we think, should work together. As a result, we at Ksolves provide unique choices that bring together the most important aspects of your organization. We provide Salesforce Services Cloud integrations with third-party systems to provide you and your customers with an outstanding and connected experience.


Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting Services

With best-in-class Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting Services, we assist enterprises to transform their Salesforce Service Cloud environments. By directing businesses on the correct path, we help them become more flexible and responsive to changing market conditions, allowing them to make the best decisions and maximize their return on investment.

Salesforce Service Cloud Migration Services

Whether you're migrating from an outdated legacy system or from Service Cloud Classic to Service Cloud Lightning, our experts can help you analyze your needs, plan, and execute the move. We can also aid you in decreasing complexity, saving expenses, and more, resulting in a better transformation of your applications and infrastructure.


Salesforce Service Cloud Support & Maintenance Services

We respect every collaboration at Ksolves, and we offer a comprehensive variety of support, maintenance, and upgrade services. You can obtain 24/7 Salesforce CRM support and maintenance by utilizing Salesforce Service Cloud support and maintenance services. This will maintain the performance of your Salesforce Service Cloud solution high and seamless.

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for your company, allowing you to achieve maximum growth. settings icon
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Salesforce Service Cloud Consulting Partner
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Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Partner
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Salesforce Service Cloud Specialist
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Salesforce Certified Consulting Partner
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Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
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Salesforce Service Cloud Integration Partner
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Salesforce Project Manager

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    What is Salesforce Service Cloud?

    Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the most powerful and widely accepted customer service software systems in the world. With a wide variety of features and functionalities, it aims to increase the efficiency of the customer support team by reducing the average call time.

    How can Salesforce Service Cloud help my business?

    Service Cloud is built on the Salesforce platform, which provides you with a 360-degree vision of your customers and enables you to provide smarter, quicker, and exceptional customer service. You can choose how your consumers contact you by availing of Salesforce Service Cloud services. Salesforce Service Cloud also guarantees that your agents have all of the tools they need to reply to client queries and requests in order to keep your customers pleased when they contact you. So, to improve the agent experience, you can use Salesforce Service Cloud to automate service procedures, optimize workflows, and highlight critical articles, and issues.

    Which edition of Service Cloud should I opt for my business?

    The three primary versions of Salesforce Service Cloud are Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited, with various degrees of functionalities. Service Contracts and entitlements features are not available in the Service Cloud Essential Edition. Telephone Integration is available in all four versions. Only the Enterprise and Unlimited versions have the Web Service API. And if you want 24x7 support and configuration services, purchasing the Unlimited Edition of Salesforce Service Cloud is recommended.

    Can you help me with Salesforce Service Cloud Integration Services?

    Yes, at Ksolves, we offer Salesforce Service Cloud Integration Services. Ksolves relies entirely on the Salesforce Service Cloud platform, supporting technologies, and their own Salesforce certified professionals to assist organizations in addressing their customer service issues. Our IT team has extensive expertise in integrating the Service Cloud, automating and streamlining the complete customer service experience, and supporting the Service Cloud lifecycle in Salesforce as Salesforce Service Cloud consultants. Consulting, sales improvement, SFDS setup, migration, and ongoing maintenance are all part of our end-to-end Salesforce Service Cloud Integration services.

    How helpful are Salesforce's Service Cloud custom reports and dashboards?

    Using Salesforce's customizable reports and dashboards, you can monitor your service metrics and measure key performance indicators that are important to your company. Dashboards provide high-level visibility, while customized reports allow you to drill down for comprehensive information on the performance of your customer interaction center, contact center, or help desk.

    What are the responsibilities of a Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant?

    Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultants have extensive expertise in developing and implementing Salesforce-based solutions. They help with business process audits to uncover customer needs and processes, as well as converting client requirements into Salesforce design, utilizing best practices, and reducing the need for bespoke development.