Project Name

Enhance Data Handling Efficiency with Salesforce Integration Solutions

Salesforce, Visualforce, Apex, AWS S3


Our client works as a premier background and drug screening company that offers vital services to businesses across industries. They specialize in customizable search solutions that help companies validate and verify their potential employees. Additionally, our client has established itself as a trusted partner for organizations to work on the reliable resource screening process.



  • The clients were facing issues handling massive amounts of data as there was a large customer base and clients were adding regularly.
  • Facing challenges in generating invoices for their customers.
  • They are searching for the right customer-centric portal to allow their customers to view their invoices, and statements, and process payments.

Our Solution

We analyzed the requirements and came up with a full-fledged solution to handle the use cases for their business:

  • Our team built a custom Salesforce integration application for uploading the data into the Salesforce custom objects. This allowed the business to upload tons of data into Salesforce custom objects.
  • After that, they built a system that enabled the client’s finance team to simplify the invoicing process. Right from generating the invoices to handling payments, the system handles every aspect of their invoicing cycle. Following are some of the salient features of the system:
    • Invoice generation and storing on cloud storage service
    • Intimating customers via email with their generated invoices.
    • Enable end customers to view their invoices in a portal.
    • Enable end customers to make payments against outstanding invoices.
    • Enabling customers to add credit which could be used to make payments.
    • Enabling customers to opt for autopay.
    • Enabling the finance team to track payments and perform other operations.

Data Flow Diagram



In conclusion, our Salesforce integration solution successfully tackled the client’s data challenges and streamlined their invoicing processes in the medical industry. The custom application enhanced data handling efficiency, while the invoicing system brought simplicity and automation. The customer-centric portal added transparency and convenience, ensuring a seamless experience for both the client and their customers. This transformative project showcases our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that elevate business operations in the medical sector.

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