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In the ever-changing world of technology, Ksolves India Limited promises to be a true Software Development partner for your business. We curate and develop the best possible software solutions while keeping your original brief and business needs in mind. Being a publicly traded company on India‘s Largest Stock Exchange - the National Stock Exchange (NSE), and Asia‘s Oldest Stock Exchange - the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), we have a proven track record of servicing clients across several countries with 500+ in-house technology experts. With our exceptional talent and world-class customer service, we proudly maintain a global presence across all time zones. We are a 360-degree software solution provider and well-known in the industry for our expertise in Big Data (Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi, Apache Spark, Apache Cassandra), Data Science (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning), Salesforce, DevOps, Java and Microservices, OpenShift, Penetration Testing etc.
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    Listed on Stock Exchanges: NSE and BSE
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    Salesforce Summit(Platinum) Partner and Odoo Gold Partner
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    ISO Certified and Nasscom Member Company
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    200+ Certified Developers (Salesforce, AWS and Odoo)
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    CMMI Level 3 Certified Company
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    500+ Talented Workforce
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    40+ Trusted and Satisfied Worldwide Clients
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    500+ Projects Successfully Delivered
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    74% Repeat Business & 90% Client Retention Rate
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    24x7 Customer Support

Our Offices: One Team, One Vision!

Pune Office
We believe happy employees are the backbone of any successful organization!

At Ksolves, we ensure that every employee gets the best and most comfortable working environment to stay motivated and bring the best out of them. Our Pune team cheers every moment together and is always ready to face challenges.

Indore Office
Together, we can grow more and achieve more.

We know that team culture can make or break the company's progress. Our Indore office teams are highly motivated and fueled with positive attitudes to foster growth and continual development. After all, our team's support is behind our growth!

Noida Office
Build a positive work environment for an engaging team experience!

We have built a happy and healthy work culture that fosters collaboration and motivates our employees. Our teams at the Noida office are always filled with enthusiasm and passionate about delivering the best services.

US Office
US Office: Building Bridges to Success

We have established our roots across the globe, and our US office marks the initial stride towards transforming our dream into a tangible reality.

Symbolic Moments Carving The Aurora Of Ksolves



2012- Mr. Ratan Srivastava laid the foundation for Ksolves India Limited, with a small office in Indirapuram. The seed was sown with the name of Kartik Solution.

2014- The seed sown with the name of Kartik Solution was transformed into Ksolves India Pvt. Ltd. This year marks the evolution of Ksolves.



2015- Ksolves was certified by International Organization for Standardization(ISO) and became a NASSCOM member in the same year, hitting the double jackpot with two great achievements.

2016- Ksolves with its customer-driven approach maintained a smooth acceleration in the revenue. With that, this year saw a growth in the barrage of Ksolves, reaching 50+ employees.



2017- As the size of the team and dreams started to expand, Ksolves needed an extension in the working space, as well. This was the year when Ksolves moved to the swanky new office space in Noida. Not only that, Ksolves also crossed a milestone of 40+ clients at the same time.

2018- It was time for another milestone to be checked! Ksolves maintained a whopping retention rate of 80% with clients returning to us for the top-notch service.



2019- We launched the Ksolves Product Store with customized Odoo applications and themes. Soon after the launch, our efforts clicked off, and one of our products, Dashboard Ninja, became the #1 App on the Odoo App Store.

2020- Ksolves went public with its own IPO launched in National Stock Exchange, one of the largest stock exchanges in India.



2021- It was a remarkable year, we achieved CMMI Level 3 certification and expanded our workforce to 350+ employees. We witnessed substantial growth and collaborated with numerous small and medium-sized companies for our services. The year culminated on a high note as our CTO, Mr. Manish Gurnani, took centre stage at the Fintech Festival India in Mumbai.

2022- Ksolves India Limited has achieved new milestones, and is continuously moving forward.
  • Ksolves is listed on the mainboards of both the NSE & BSE.
  • Become an Odoo Gold Partner.
  • Extended our workforce to 400+.
  • Nominated for the Odoo Awards.



2023- Ksolves India Limited keeps achieving new milestones, and moving forward:
  • Became a Salesforce Crest Partner
  • Won the Nasscom SME Inspire Awards 2023
  • Extended our workforce to 450+
2024: Ksolves has officially achieved the Salesforce Summit (Platinum) Partner Status.
  • Extended our workforce to 500+



Key Highlights of Financial Results: Q4'FY23-24
    Highest ever Quarterly Revenue of Rs. 30.45 cr. with Highest ever PAT of Rs. 9.40 Cr.
  • Q4 Consolidated Total Revenue increased 34% YoY (30.45 cr. vs 22.7 cr.)
  • Q4 Profit After Tax (PAT) increased 28% YoY (9.40 cr. vs 7.33 cr.)
  • Achieved Milestone of crossing Revenue of Rs. 100 cr.+ during FY 23-24.
  • For FY 23-24, Total Revenue increased 39% YoY (108.64 cr. vs 78.31 cr.)
  • For FY 23-24, Profit After Tax (PAT) increased 38% YoY (34.15 cr. vs 24.72 cr.)
  • Earnings per Share (EPS) for FY23-24 demonstrates an increase of 38%, Rs. 28.81, as compared to Rs. 20.85 in FY22-23.
  • Dividend of Rs. 19.50 per share for FY 23-24, paid during the year by way of interim dividend as compared to Rs 15.50 per share for FY 22-23.
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Symbolic Moments Carving The Aurora Of Ksolves

Meet Our Management

Ratan Srivastava
Ratan Srivastava
Founder and CEO
18+ Years IT Experience
Manish Gurnani
Manish Gurnani
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
22+ Years IT Experience
Nishant Agrawal
Nishant Agrawal
Vice President of Engineering
20+ Years of Experience
Umang Soni
Umang Soni
Chief Financial Officer
5+ Years of Experience
Manisha Kide
Manisha Kide
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
8+ Years of Experience
Ramesh Shinde
Ramesh Shinde
Technical Architect
18+ Years IT Experience
Mahesh Karche
Mahesh Karche
Senior Project Manager
15+ Years of Experience
Kamal Asawara
Kamal Asawara
Senior Technical Manager
16+ Years IT Experience
Arti Aggarwal
Arti Aggarwal
Software Test Lead
15+ Years IT Experience
Kirti Sharma
Kirti Sharma
Head of Business Development
8+ Years of Experience

Define the Journey of Ksolves Achievements and Success

Red Hat Red Hat
Salesforce Summit(Platinum) Partner Salesforce Summit(Platinum) Partner
Top Developers Top Developers
Nasscom Certified Nasscom Certified
Odoo Gold Partner Odoo Gold Partner
ISV Salesforce Partner ISV Salesforce Partner
Top Salesforce Partner Top Salesforce Partner
ISO Certified ISO Certified

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