Project Name

Bring a Better Customer Experience With Salesforce Customer Success Solutions

Salesforce, Visualforce, SendGrid Mailing API


Our client is a leading customer service provider that helps businesses maintain their business model and scale themselves. They help their consumers achieve the same by working on customer success management on the world’s most popular CRM software, Salesforce. Additionally, we can say that they provide customer success management solutions to enterprise product-based companies in the USA.



Our client was facing several challenges, including:

  • Need help with defining the right customer success indicators.
  • There is a problem in capturing customer success indicators throughout the lifecycle of the product, from onboarding to renewals.
  • There is a challenge in defining the workflow for designing rules and corresponding actions, and it becomes difficult for them to utilize the data to drive useful insights.

Our Solution

We have provided a comprehensive solution to our client that turns the client’s vision into reality.

  • Firstly, we had set up an easy installation setup, and app configuration in the Salesforce customer’s organization, considering the usability aspects.
  • Then, our team set up the customer success indicator and thresholds for notification alerts.
  • Ksolve's customer success solution includes workflow engines to layout rules and actions and import data from external support systems.
  • With these Salesforce platform solutions, it becomes possible for our clients to track user activities and collect stats based on CSIs in various phases of the customer lifecycle, including onboarding, enablement, adoption, and renewal.
  • At last, we had successfully implemented an executive dashboard in decision-making and taking corrective actions that helped outsource the data for extracting analytics and then introduce it back to the application using Birst BI.

Data Flow Diagram



At last, with Ksolves innovative Salesforce application customization, it becomes possible for our client to instantly automate the right aspects of the customer success process. Through our survey mechanism, the application starts working efficiently and collects valuable user feedback and suggestions that contribute to a more insightful understanding of customer needs. Hence, our client excels in the automatic management of resources dedicated to customer success procedures to elevate the customer experience and make it a valuable asset in the pursuit of customer-centric excellence.

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