Project Name

Salesforce Mobile App for Seamless Agri-Data Management

Salesforce SDK, REST API, React Native, Android Studio


Our client operates within the agriculture industry, dealing with field services and customer interactions. Their business model involves frequent visits to various locations, including fields, where face-to-face interactions are essential. During these interactions, field agents engage with farmers, gather insights, take orders, and address concerns. However, the unreliable internet connectivity in these rural and remote areas presented a significant challenge. Accessing and managing vital customer data in real-time was nearly impossible due to this. Therefore, the client needed a mobile application that would enable their field service agents to access Salesforce data, manage support requests, and work offline.



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  • Offline Data Storage: The client's field service agents needed access to critical data even when they were offline, as they often worked in remote areas with limited internet connectivity.
  • Salesforce Integration with React Native: The client wanted to use React Native for building the mobile application but faced difficulties in integrating it with their existing Salesforce org.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: The client required the mobile application to run smoothly on both Android and iOS devices to ensure maximum user reach and accessibility.

Our Solution

To address the challenges faced by the client, our team implemented a comprehensive solution using Salesforce SDK, REST API, React Native, and Android Studio. The key steps taken were as follows:

  • Mobile Application Development: We built a mobile application using Salesforce SDK and utilized Android Studio to run the application on an emulated Android device.
  • Salesforce Org Integration: We established a connection between the mobile application and the client's Salesforce org using a connected app. This integration enabled seamless communication between the mobile app and the Salesforce backend.
  • Offline data sync with Salesforce org: To facilitate offline data storage, we implemented the use of Salesforce Soup. This feature enabled users to store data locally on their mobile devices even without an internet connection. When the user regained internet access, the locally stored data would automatically sync with the Salesforce org.

Data Flow Diagram



The Salesforce Mobile App Development project provided an effective solution to the client’s challenges in managing field service works and support requests. By leveraging Salesforce SDK, REST API, React Native, and Android Studio, we created a mobile application that improved data accessibility, offline functionality, and support request management. The successful implementation of the mobile app resulted in increased productivity and enhanced Salesforce accessibility for the client’s workforce.

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