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Project Name

Digital Experience Site for Pharmaceutical Recruitment

Salesforce Experience Cloud, LWC


Our client focused on the pharmaceutical industry, faced challenges in attracting both customers seeking new job opportunities (locum and permanent) and partners responsible for data management recruitment processes, candidate eligibility, and appointment scheduling. To address these issues, we designed a Digital Experience Site powered by Lightning Web Components (LWC). This site efficiently captures and stores all relevant data in Salesforce for future reference.



To categorize the jobs, we provide Job Types, City, State, and Country.

Frame 76
  • Clients struggle to filter job listings by candidate locality, hindering relevant job matches.
  • Clients lack a system to offer available interview slots while preventing double bookings.
  • Clients face challenges matching candidates to partner organizations effectively, impacting job fulfillment.
  • Clients need a robust Salesforce solution for candidate and partner data management, including registration and security.
  • Clients seek an efficient way to generate pricing for services and job placements based on specific criteria, affecting business operations.

Our Solution

We have provided our comprehensive solution to our clients which are discussed below:

  • We employed custom metadata in Salesforce to manage various job filter categories for data management for recuitment. An Apex controller fetches this data and renders it in a Lightning Web Component (LWC), allowing users to select specific combinations and retrieve relevant job listings.
  • To address appointment date challenges, we utilized an LWC with a Calendar component. This component displays both blocked and available dates on the Salesforce record page and the Digital Experience site. This information is also stored in Salesforce data management in pharma for future reference.
  • We enabled user registration on the Digital Experience portal for both partners and candidates seeking permanent job opportunities. This functionality includes authenticated email registration and standard password recovery features.
  • Additionally, we implemented logic to prevent duplicate registrations of partners as personal accounts and candidates as contacts.
  • Users can access locum job data without registration. However, for permanent job listings, candidates must register on the Digital Experience portal.
  • Pricing for these positions is managed by partners, ensuring a seamless process for job seekers and businesses alike.

Data Flow Diagram



By implementing the functionalities of Digital Experience and Lightning Web Components (LWC), we have significantly enhanced the user experience and efficiency of our clients. The integration of custom metadata has made it effortless for users to browse and access available job openings on the experience site page.
Furthermore, our LWC Component successfully resolves the challenge of managing appointment dates, ensuring a smooth scheduling process. Additionally, the user and partner registration functionalities have streamlined data management within Salesforce, providing a valuable reference point for future operations. This comprehensive Salesforce Pharmaceutical solution has empowered our client to optimize their job placement processes and enhance their overall business performance.

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