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Project Name

Assurance Analytics Transformation: Tableau to Power BI Migration

Information Technology
Tableau, Power BI, PostgreSQL, Azure Databricks, AWS Databricks


Our client was a leading global assurance provider across 120+ countries. They were looking for a solution to migrate their data analytics and reporting system from Tableau to Power BI. In fact, they were searching for a seamless transition to a cost-effective platform for data analysis to deliver exceptional assurance.



  • The client was facing an issue in ensuring a seamless transition of reports and dashboards without disrupting ongoing operations.
  • A problem in addressing compatibility issues between Tableau and Power BI formats.
  • Maintaining data integrity and security during the migration process comes as another major challenge.
  • Handling large volumes of datasets shows more performance issues and limited scalability.
  • While utilizing the Tableau platform, there is a need for high maintenance and licensing costs.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team provided a robust solution to the client that successfully addressed the client’s challenges:

  • First, we conducted a thorough analysis of current Tableau reports and dashboards. Not only this but also identified the key functionalities and requirements for the migration to Power BI.
  • Then, we collaborated closely with stakeholders to address any issues or concerns during the migration process.
  • The Ksolves migration approach helps to address the client challenges that involve the systematic migration process coupled with enhancements to existing data infrastructure from PostgreSQL to AWS Databricks and finally to Azure Databricks.
  • We meticulously worked on column mapping from the PostgreSQL on-premise database to AWS and Azure Databricks columns to ensure data consistency throughout the migration process.
  • Column Mapping and Data Transformation : By leveraging Power BI, we developed an interactive dashboard that involved the functionality and design of the client’s Tableau reports.
  • Dashboard Development in PowerBI : With systematic collaboration with the client, our team identified and resolved errors and data anomalies in the migrated reports, to ensure data accuracy in the insights generated.
  • Error Resolution and Data Anomaly Detection : At last, rigourous QA testing was conducted to validate the functionality, performance, and alignment of the Power BI reports that matched the client’s requirements.
  • Quality Assurance and Final Report Delivery : Then, the final reports were delivered to the client that contained the documentation and user training sessions.

Data Flow Diagram



Hence, Ksolves provided a successful migration solution to the client from Tableau to Power BI  that helped them to achieve a milestone towards advanced data analytics. By communicating with stakeholders and employing a systematic migration approach, we make sure to minimize disruption to ongoing operations while enhancing the client’s ability to derive successful data insights. The adoption of Power BI not only identified challenges but also provided a foundation for future innovation.

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