Project Name

Patient Medication Journey Management Project with Salesforce Health Cloud Integration



Our client belongs to the Pharmaceutical research industry. Their primary aim was to streamline clinical processes that foster organizational efficiency. Although they were looking for a strategic solution that helped them enhance customer experiences within the healthcare sector, The client is looking to adopt Salesforce Health Cloud, which works as a specialized solution for the healthcare industry.



  • Client was facing challenges in handling the extensive patient records, diagnostic information, and treatment histories, these challenges were used to strain system performance.
  • Compromising data integrity to ensure data flow and integration was another significant challenge.
  • Maintaining compliance with healthcare regulations like HIPAA was a major challenge.
  • Facing issues with inconsistent data records, duplicate records, and varying data quality standards across different sources.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team has provided a robust approach to the client that includes:

  • Our team had successfully integrated Five9 which is a Call & Contact Center As A Service (CCaaS) provider with Healthcare CRM Salesforce. By combining the power of LWC components, Salesforce screen flows, and call centers we have revolutionized their approach to patient interactions.
  • This implementation solution ensured efficient communication, personalized guidance, and a smoother medication journey for patients, which led to improvement in overall healthcare experiences.
  • With the help of ESB integration in Salesforce Health Cloud, we introduced a communication bus between different applications, creating a decoupled environment that allows each application to communicate independently without being tightly dependent on others.
  • By utilizing the Salesforce Experience Cloud, it is possible to host multiple websites and portals based on different medicines for patient registration from the portal to Salesforce CRM.
  • Integrated PDFTron with Salesforce for Patient registration which comes for HCP’s (Health Care Professionals) office.
  • Our team built a tool with custom logic to find duplicates and merge the patient record data based on defined criteria.
  • To address excessive time consumption due to the sheer volume of records and fields involved, we created a Skinny Table that includes only the essential fields required for reporting, aggregations, or analytics.
  • At last, we integrated Twilio to overcome sending SMS, emails, and other notifications from Salesforce to patient contact.

Results of Salesforce Health Cloud Management Implementation

  • Patient 360: Helped to access the real-time, comprehensive patient view, fosters informed decisions, and enhances care.
  • Patient Management: With this, the client can effortlessly monitor and collaborate with healthcare teams, accessing comprehensive patient data overviews that include medical history, treatments, and care plans.
  • Care Coordination: By leveraging PDFTron, ESB, and Five9, the client's system can establish connections among healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients, promoting effective coordination and ensuring informed involvement.
  • Case Management: Utilizing PDFTron Case Triaging, the client guarantees timely problem resolution and effective management by optimizing workflows and automating processes through Health Cloud's tools.
  • Operational Efficiency: Enhanced efficiency through workflow automation, streamlined processes, and reduced manual data entry, supporting compliance management and performance tracking.
  • Clinical Decision Support: We simplified decision-making for doctors by connecting EHRs to clinical systems and providing tools like drug interaction checkers and clinical guidelines.
  • Integration with Other Salesforce Products: Seamlessly integrated Health Cloud with Salesforce marketing and CRM tools for a unified experience.
  • Third-Party Integration: Enabled client to distribute logic and substantial data across various systems which enhanced performance and reduced system complexity.

Data Flow Diagram



At last, Ksolves Salesforce Health Cloud Data Integration solution helped to transform clinical operations. To overcome the challenges in data management and integration, Ksolves gives a comprehensive solution by integrating Five9, ESB, Experience Cloud, PDFTron, and Twilio. This implementation solution results in improving patient medication management interactions, streamlined coordination, and tangible benefits such as Patient 360 views, enhanced management, and operational efficiency.

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