Project Name

Instant Integration of LMS with Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation for Learning Management

Salesforce Experience Cloud, Apex, Trigger, LWC


Our client was a leading telecom provider who provided services related to communication media including messaging apps, chats, video, and calling in a shorter time with greater analytics. They offer training resources and 24/7 global customer support. Additionally, they were looking for a solution to replace the workramp technology with LearnUpon technology to manage, deliver, and track the training across the globe.



  • The issue in synchronizing the user activation or deactivation between Salesforce and LearnUpon.
  • Another difficulty was integrating the LearnUpon tab into the Salesforce Experience Cloud Partner portal.
  • The client was facing problems in merging accounts and users in LearnUpon whenever a partner account in Salesforce was approved.
  • Challenging to ensure the data sync only updates existing LearnUpon users for synced accounts in Salesforce.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team provided a robust approach to the client that included:

  • Our team first replaced Workramp with LearnUpon to provide a centralized training platform to the client.
  • By integrating real-time data synchronization between Salesforce and LearnUpon to ensure data consistency and integrity.
  • With our solution, partner users can access the training materials and data directly within the Salesforce Partner community portal.
  • We then automated the user provisioning, role assignment, and account/user merging to streamline the user management process.


By implementing Salesforce Experience Cloud, the Ksolves team successfully integrated LearnUpon LMS allowing instant data synchronization and learning management. However, client’s partner users now access their training resources and relevant data directly within Salesforce. This will directly enhance the user experience and ensure efficient delivery and tracking. These enhancements not only streamline the client’s onboarding experience but also improve the reliability and functionality of the overall system.

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