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The client is a windows and doors manufacturer. They manufacture
and distribute them in bulk to construction sites


The client had been managing every aspect of their business data in documents such as lead tracking, customer information, purchase orders, inventory, wastage per project, etc, without any form of software to track the data.



  • The client uses Logikal software to store all of their business data mentioned earlier in different documents which is a very time-consuming process. Moreover, the Logikal is a Windows-based application without any API, this was the first challenge to integrate all their manual data with Logikal.
  • In spite of that, the manufacturing process of the client involves various phases such as cutting, finishing, assembling, etc. The client, however, had no code of conduct to keep track of the status of each project.
  • At the same time, the client is using a software called ATOM to monitor the delivery status of their logistics team, which also had to be integrated with Odoo.



We mapped the client's entire business workflow to the structure of Odoo ERP through our Odoo implementation team. Starting with a lead creation form that would allow quote approval instantly with import and export options so that the data would be able to sync to the ATOM software immediately.


As a result of this service, the client was able to manage all of their multiple projects efficiently using a single screen, without relying on additional resources. The teams involved in the manufacturing process are also now immediately alerted to the changes. The finishing team, for example, would be notified by Odoo Integration once the cutting process was complete.


Additionally, the project managers are notified immediately of any delay so that they can figure out the cause of it immediately. In this way, instead of waiting until the end of the day or checking the documents, the project manager can always see whether there is a gap in working hours through job tracking.


Adding to that, the job tracking is also customizable, so the client can add more processes and change the order of their workflow as well.

A Microservices Architecture


Ksolves centralized the lead management process and created a system to generate instant reports and track the job status in real-time. Based on the client's request, we integrated ATOM and Logikal with Odoo to eliminate the need for time-consuming data sync between docs and various spreadsheets

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