Project Name

Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation for Customized CPQ System

Salesforce Sales Cloud, Apex, LWC


Our client was a leading sales organization that needed a CPQ system within the Salesforce Sales Cloud environment. Their main aim was to automate the classification of opportunities for CPQ processing and the implementation of dynamic price calculations. Moreover, they work on providing instant price calculations without saving to the database, this enables sales representatives to control CPQ execution.



Clients were facing several challenges that included:

  • Facing issues in creating a system to automatically determine the opportunities for the CPQ process.
  • Difficulty in handling different pricing levels and opportunity tires.
  • The issue is getting persisting data for instant price calculations.

Our Solution

After addressing the challenges faced by a client, the Ksolves team provided a robust solution that included the steps mentioned below:

  • First, our team developed Apex classes and triggers to automatically evaluate and classify opportunities based on predefined criteria.
  • Then, implemented complex pricing algorithms in Apex to calculate prices based on the various levels and types of opportunities.
  • Our team created a Salesforce LWC (Lightning Web Component) to allow sales reps to get instant calculations at the click of a button. This makes the system perform pricing calculations in real time.
  • Lastly, the development of the LWC interface where sales representatives can manually control CPQ execution for specific products provides flexibility in the sales process.

Data Flow Diagram

sf-cpq-finance-dfd (1)


The successful Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation customizes the CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) system to enhance the sales process. By automating the opportunity classification, implementing dynamic pricing calculations, and enabling instant price calculations. This allows sales representatives to obtain accurate prices smoothly. The client can achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and flexibility in their sales operations which leads to improved customer satisfaction and increased sales.

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