Project Name

Revolutionize Retail Service Operations For Work Order Management

Salesforce, Apex, LWC, SFDX


Our client was working in the Retail industry. They want to set up work orders and service appointments to capture the product purchased information and a mobile app for technician users that uses the FSL mobile app to install the purchased products at customers’ homes by using inbuilt FSL features.



Frame 73
  • They were facing issues in appointment slot scheduling and dispatching.
  • Another major challenge was facing issues in Service Reports and documentation.
  • Product request and following the return process was another challenge.

Our Solution

We have provided a robust Retail Industry solution that includes the following:

  • We have advised our client to use the FSL package and FSL mobile flow.
  • Our team configured the partner community and set up a login for technicians to log into the community to see all required features in one place.
  • We have utilized the FSL package that supports work orders, service appointments, work types, operating hours, skills, and order products for work order management in Salesforce.
  • Our team also set some LWC components in the Mobile App using Lightning action all because Field Service Mobile Flow does not support LWC.
  • Moreover, we have created Rest PI classes to allow third-party users to access the Salesforce database and update records based on product purchased quantity.

Data Flow Diagram



By implementing the Field Service package alongside the Partner community and FSL Mobile App access in this Salesforce retail industry solutions case study, we have seamlessly transformed our service operations. This holistic solution has allowed us to efficiently automate and work order management with service appointments, providing our customers with the best possible service experience. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has led to a more streamlined and responsive service process, ensuring we consistently deliver top-notch solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

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