Project Name

Elevating Salesforce B2B Customer Engagement with Real-Time Personalization

Salesforce, Lightning Data Service, LWC


Our client is a prominent B2B solution provider that completely relies on Salesforce Experience Cloud to manage online customer interactions and their self-service portal. They were focused on improving customer experience by embracing multiple technologies such as LWC, UI API, wire adapters, and custom JavaScript methods.



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  • They were struggling to engage their customers and lacked the tools to create dynamic and personalized user interfaces.
  • They want to build an interactive user interface capable of showcasing personalized content was a complex undertaking

Our Solution

To tackle the challenges, we embarked on a journey to transform our client's B2B customer experiences:

  • We utilized Salesforce's UI API to enable real-time personalization and adaptability by rendering dynamic user interface elements. Customized UI components seamlessly integrate real-time customer data and preferences.
  • We integrated Lightning Web Components and wire adapters to fetch real-time customer data from Salesforce CRM and the Experience Cloud, ensuring access to the latest information.
  • Custom JavaScript functions within Lightning Web Components were developed to process real-time data, aiding in generating personalized product recommendations and user-specific content.
  • Leveraging UI API, wire adapters, and custom functions, we achieved real-time personalization encompassing product recommendations, content suggestions, and personalized promotions.
  • Dynamic UI elements were introduced to reduce user effort and boost engagement, ensuring a user-friendly and hassle-free journey through the online portal.

Data Flow Diagram



At the end of this Salesforce Experience Cloud Case Study, our client’s journey with us led to a remarkable transformation of their B2B customer experience. Their online platform evolved into a real-time, personalized engagement hub, showcasing the true power of modern Salesforce technology. This not only enhanced customer engagement but also provided our client with a significant competitive advantage in the B2B sector with Salesforce CRM solutions. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when technology and innovation are used to create a human-centric, dynamic B2B experience.

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