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SharePoint and Outlook Integration With Salesforce

Salesforce, REST API, SharePoint


Our client is seeking streamlined solutions for data integration and cost-effective file management. They faced the challenge of integrating SharePoint and Outlook with Salesforce, they aim to leverage the data storage and file management capabilities of SharePoint while enhancing their Salesforce workflow.



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  • The client was facing an issue in integration between SharePoint with Salesforce to leverage the data storing & file management capabilities of SharePoint.
  • The client wanted to manage the data storage costing issues they might face while uploading files to Salesforce.

Our Solution

  • Implemented an integration between Salesforce and a specialized tool to address the challenges related to file management and organization within the Salesforce platform.
  • Through the standard REST API, we've enabled seamless folder creation and direct file uploads from Salesforce to SharePoint. This is achieved using Salesforce's Content Version Object and External Data Source integration. The process is automated when users upload files within Salesforce, ensuring efficient data transfer.
  • Established a tailored platform within the tool for storing managed files and folders sourced from Salesforce. Developed a custom application and granted specified access to the application within the tool's framework.
  • Furthermore, we've set up connections linking Salesforce to Outlook/Gmail, enabling users to seamlessly monitor their activities directly within Salesforce. The integration involves Salesforce Einstein Activity Capture, allowing users to schedule meetings within Salesforce and receive notifications about upcoming meetings, all while interconnected with Outlook/Gmail.

Data Flow Diagram



We have successfully implemented a File Management solution that has significantly enhanced administrative oversight by enabling seamless document review directly from SharePoint. This advancement has boosted process efficiency while mitigating the risks of human errors inherent in manual file transfers from Salesforce to SharePoint. Notably, this solution not only optimizes cost by circumventing the need for additional Salesforce storage but also paves the way for similar integrations with diverse SaaS tools. By streamlining processes and eliminating the need for toggling between interfaces, this innovation effectively saves agents’ time and effort, thereby amplifying productivity levels.

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