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Project Name

Enhanced Data Security & Management With Salesforce and Amazon S3 Integration

Information Technology
Salesforce, Amazon S3


Our client belongs to the Salesforce industry, which works on providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of businesses across industries. They are looking for a system with security for Salesforce attachments and documents, and we are providing the functionality to avoid cybersecurity breaches with attachments and documents that are directly uploaded to the Salesforce organization.



  • Our client was facing an issue uploading more than 6GB of data in Apex and was looking for another backend language for the right data management.
  • The user can manipulate credentials without going into the setup part.
  • Users are unable to give access to the file upload application.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team provided a robust solution to our client that includes:

  • We have implemented a Salesforce implementation solution and created an API Gateway to AWS S3 that helps to upload and retrieve data from documents to S3 from Salesforce via HTTP PUT/GET methods.
  • Then, the Ksolves team created custom pages so that admins could manipulate credentials and access the data.
  • After that, we implemented Lambda functions that are used to scan the attachment and store the attachment in Amazon S3.
  • Finally, this will help in retrieving the text file and provide proper information about the file from S3 via Salesforce, and this will help the user upload a 1GB file.

Data Flow Diagram



With the implementation of Salesforce and Amazon S3 integration, we addressed the client’s security concerns and enhanced the data management capabilities. With our streamlined integration solutions for attachment security and data access control, we helped our client operate more efficiently and securely within the Salesforce environment.

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