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Project Name

A Custom Apache Spark Approach to Bring Insights to Your IT Infrastructure

Information Technology
Apache Spark, AWS Glue, AWS Lambda, AWS S3, API Gateway, Event-Bridge, and AWS RDS (Postgres SQL)


Our client belongs to the leading IT industry that focuses on resolving issues within data duplication and streamlining optimal business processes and operations. They are searching for a solution that leverages advanced technologies to offer comprehensive solutions in the IT domain.



Our client was facing fewer challenges, including:

  • One major challenge was finding particular data from massive amounts of data in multiple systems and applications.
  • There is not even a single option or unique identifier within the record that can indicate records from one source that correspond to other sources.
  • Another area for improvement was addressing misspelled and missing fields within the records that represent the same entity with different information.

Our Solution

The Ksolves team has provided a robust solution to their client that is mentioned below:

  • The Ksolves team implemented multiple ML algorithms to enhance the user experience and ensure accurate data retrieval.
  • Ksolves has developed an ML wrapper for Apache Spark clusters, improving speed and accuracy in processing both structured and unstructured data management.
  • Our team then deployed the solution on AWS, providing user-friendly API endpoints for seamless access and scalability.
  • At last, our solution enabled users to select and compare entity resolution algorithms, with configurable options for speed and accuracy.

Data Flow Diagram



At last, the Ksolves team delivered a robust solution to our client that acknowledged the IT challenges, addressed data duplication, and enhanced business operations. By incorporating ML algorithms, implementing an efficient ML wrapper for Apache Spark, and deploying on AWS Cloud Services, the Ksolves solution gives both accuracy and scalability. Additionally, the inclusion of data validation capabilities and support for reading and writing data from object storage (such as S3) further enhances usability and flexibility. With rigorous testing and the ability to auto-scale on the cloud in this Entity Resolution case study, our solution meets and exceeds the client’s expectations, offering a robust and adaptable framework for optimizing structured and unstructured data management and business processes.

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