Project Name

Data Visualisation Solution For Renewable Energy Plants

Information Technology
Odoo, Python, PostgreSQL, ReactJS, C, Ruby on Rails


Our client, based in Italy, is a seasoned expert in Odoo and various other technologies. They were facing a significant challenge related to their solar and wind plants’ data in Odoo. With data pouring in from these plants, they needed an efficient solution to consolidate and visualize this data comprehensively.



The client's primary challenges revolved around the management and visualization of data from their solar and wind plants within the Odoo environment. The hurdles included:

Frame 73
  • Handling a vast amount of data generated by multiple sources, which needed to be processed and presented coherently.
  • Odoo's native JavaScript was not as reactive as required for real-time data monitoring and analysis.
  • The client was using the Chart.js library in Odoo for charting, but it had limitations in terms of available chart types and customization options.
  • There is no responsive UI in Odoo so there was a need to continue with ReactJS.

Our Solution

We have provided our client with a comprehensive solution that includes:

  • We developed a specialized Odoo widget that seamlessly integrated with ReactJS, a powerful JavaScript library for building user interfaces. This widget became the bridge between the Odoo data and the high-performance data visualization capabilities of React.
  • Created a middleware so that ReactJS will integrate with Odoo.
  • The React component within the widget was designed to fetch data from Odoo efficiently. This allowed for the rapid collection of data from the solar and wind plants.
  • To overcome the limitations of Odoo's native advanced charting capabilities, we employed the Highchart library. Highcharts provides a wide range of chart types and extensive customization options, ensuring that our clients can create the visualizations they need.

Data Flow Diagram

odoo-information-technology (1)


In summary, our client, an Odoo and technology expert, faced data management and visualization challenges that we successfully addressed through the Odoo integration of React, the Highchart library, and an Odoo widget. This not only streamlined data monitoring and analysis but also ensured the ability to scale and adapt to their evolving needs. Our solution added a human touch to technology, making data accessible and actionable for our client’s operations.

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