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Empower Financial Data Management With Salesforce Rest API Integration

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Our client belongs to the finance industry. They want to create a seamless process for handling transaction records based on API responses from third-party systems. Their main aim is to create transaction records in Salesforce upon successful or failed API calls, and most importantly, handle data storage that was often encoded and too long to store in text or long text fields.



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  • The client encountered difficulties due to the length of data received from API responses, as it often exceeded the capacity of standard text or long text fields in Salesforce, resulting in data storage problems.
  • The client faced the challenge of dealing with encoded data obtained from the third-party system, necessitating the need to implement encoding and decoding solutions.
  • The client had to grapple with transaction records containing PDF or image data, posing added complexities in effectively handling this binary data.

Our Solution

Our team has given a comprehensive solution to the client that is discussed below:

  • We set up a system that could speak the right language for the client’s data. This meant we could securely move the data back and forth, making sure it always made sense to Salesforce.
  • When our client records had images and PDFs, we gave Salesforce a special tool for them. It made sure those big, image-heavy files were neatly stored and easily found whenever the client needed them.
  • During Salesforce Rest AI Integration, we added a layer of protection to our client’s data storage in the financial industry during its journey from the third-party system to Salesforce. This ensured that the sensitive information remained safe and sound during the transfer.
  • Even, our team found a way to tame those extra-long data pieces so that they fit perfectly into your records, eliminating any worries about running out of storage.

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At the end of this Salesforce case study for the Finance Industry, the project team’s hard work paid off. Our team successfully addressed the hurdles of managing long, encoded data and made handling PDFs and images a breeze. With these solutions, they not only created a smoother process for recording transactions but also bolstered data security in the finance world.

The fusion of REST API with Salesforce turned out to be a game-changer, making data storage management easier and the whole project more efficient. It’s been a win-win for everyone involved.

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