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Salesforce CPQ Implementation To Ensure the Customized Product Value

Information Technology
Salesforce CPQ, Lightning Web Component


Our client belongs to the CRM industry, they focus on delivering customized solutions to their customers and work on solving complexities in the manual pricing calculations. They were facing issues in making a clear and effective pricing strategy for a diverse and customized product portfolio. Moreover, they decided to utilize Salesforce CPQ which is a well-known robust platform and known for its wide capabilities in multiple areas.



Industries may face several challenges, hindering their ability to efficiently manage complex product offerings and meet customer expectations.

  • Manual Price Calculations: Without attribute-based pricing, sales teams may need to manually calculate prices based on various product configurations and options. This is time-consuming and prone to errors, leading to potential discrepancies in quotes.
  • Limited Customization: Products with a high degree of customization may be challenging to quote accurately without attribute-based pricing. This limitation can result in less flexibility in meeting customer-specific requirements.
  • Inconsistent Pricing: The lack of a systematic approach to pricing based on attributes can lead to inconsistent pricing across different sales reps or channels. This inconsistency may erode customer trust and make it challenging to maintain a competitive edge in the market.
  • Complex Product Offerings: Industries with a diverse range of products and features may struggle to manage complex product catalogs without a dynamic pricing mechanism. This complexity can overwhelm sales teams and slow down the sales process.
  • Difficulty in Adapting to Market Changes: Industries undergoing frequent changes in market demands or product configurations may find it challenging to adapt quickly without the flexibility offered by attribute-based pricing. This could result in missed sales opportunities and delayed responses to market trends.
  • Inefficient Quoting Process: The absence of attribute-based pricing may lead to a less intuitive and efficient quoting process. Sales reps may need to navigate through extensive product catalogs and manually input pricing information, leading to a slower sales cycle.

Our Solution

We have provided a robust solution to our client that includes:

Define Product Attributes:

  • Identified key product attributes influencing pricing, such as size, color, brands, and specifications.
  • Configured these attributes within Salesforce CPQ for managing complex products.

Configure Price Rules:

  • Established pricing rules based on the defined attributes.
  • Implemented conditional logic to dynamically adjust prices according to attribute selections.

Product Bundling:

  • Leveraged CRM Industry solutions with Salesforce CPQ's bundle functionality to create product bundles.
  • Assigned appropriate pricing rules to each product or bundle.

User-Friendly Interface:

  • Customized the Salesforce CPQ user interface to guide sales reps through attribute selections.
  • Enabled easy navigation and selection of configurable product attributes.

Automated Calculations:

  • Automated pricing calculations based on selected attributes.
  • Ensured real-time updates to pricing as attributes were modified during the quoting process.

Data Flow Diagram



With the successful implementation of Salesforce CPQ for customized dynamic pricing, our team had taken a strategic move. By addressing the challenges, it becomes possible to streamline the quoting process, dynamic pricing accuracy, and improve sales productivity for a better customer experience and the best way to stay in front of this competitive market. With Salesforce CPQ attribute-based pricing, our client quickly understands the market demand and preferences of the customer.

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