Project Name

IoT-Enabled Solar Plants and Machine Management Solution

Odoo, Python, React, Ruby on Rails


Our client offers a wide range of services to diverse industries. They specialize in servicing Photovoltaic solar power plants and provide their expertise in Operations and maintenance. They cater to various sectors, including Asset Management, Energy Service Companies, and many more, making them a versatile and essential partner for industries seeking efficient and sustainable solutions.



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  • The client needed a robust visualization system to monitor the locations and statuses of plants and machines within their facilities effectively.
  • The client aimed to enable the remote operation of these machines in real-time, necessitating a seamless integration with Odoo to send commands and control machines remotely.
  • A crucial concern was ensuring the security of the IoT devices deployed in the plants, safeguarding them from potential cyber threats and unauthorized access.
  • Due to the multitude of machines, managing and processing the vast amount of real-time data generated by each machine posed a significant challenge. Streamlining and presenting this data efficiently in Odoo was a key requirement.

Our Solution

We have provided a comprehensive solution to our client that is discussed below:

  • We have used the same database server for both API and odoo. It helped us to build data synchronization efforts.
  • We leveraged Odoo as a comprehensive platform to effectively store and represent information about plants and their machinery. This streamlined data management and accessibility for the client.
  • To address the challenge of managing extensive real-time data, we implemented a custom C language solution to establish seamless communication with IoT devices in the plants. This enabled the client to send commands and retrieve status and readings from each IoT machine efficiently.
  • We introduced a data synchronization mechanism using Ruby and Python scripts. This facilitated the transfer of data between Odoo and IoT servers bidirectionally. This streamlined data flow, ensuring that the client had access to the most up-to-date information.
  • To bolster security and safeguard IoT devices from unauthorized access, we deployed a Virtual Private Network (VPN) infrastructure. This ensured that all communication with IoT devices remained secure and protected against potential threats.

Data Flow Diagram



In conclusion, we successfully addressed the client’s challenges by implementing Odoo as the central platform for plant and machine management. Real-time data integration handling was enhanced with custom C language solutions for IoT device communication. To manage the vast amount of data, we utilized Ruby for data scraping from IoT servers and Python scripts for seamless data transfer between Odoo and IoT devices. This integrated approach improved efficiency and streamlined operations, providing the client with a robust and scalable solution.

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