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Salesforce LightningBoost: Revitalizing B2B Digital Experience Cloud

Salesforce, LWC, Apex, API


Our client runs a business where they completely rely on Salesforce Experience Cloud and want to provide their B2B customers with a self-service portal. They have a platform that works on empowering customers to efficiently order products, manage their accounts, and access essential support resources. However, they’ve been facing performance issues, including slow page load times, which are impacting user satisfaction and productivity. To address these concerns, they decided to undertake a performance improvement project.



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  • The main challenge they are facing is slow page load times. Due to this, their users are frustrated with delays in accessing the important content and performing their tasks.
  • Another challenge is the performance had a ripple effect that led to a reduction in user adoption and that automatically brought dissatisfaction among users.
  • All these things witnessed by consumers bring a massive number of support inquiries. This burdens the support teams and also brings a need for performance improvement.

Our Solution

To overcome these challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive solution that is:

  • We streamline the user interface and eliminate unnecessary elements to enhance loading speed. Also implemented Salesforce Experience Cloud for a responsive design to cater to various device sizes and screen resolutions that make the portal more accessible.
  • We even integrated a platform cache to store and expedite access to the data. This automatically reduces the need for repetitive database queries and calculations. The platform cache also proved valuable for storing reference data, configuration settings, and frequently accessed records.
  • We optimized database queries, improved indexing, and overhauled caching mechanisms. Implementing data archiving was another key strategy that effectively offloaded older data to boost query performance.
  • Our team analyzed and optimized API integration calls to external systems resulting in faster data retrieval. They also used Salesforce best practices for data integration and enabling a robust and reliable system.
  • To ensure everything is fine, we harness the full potential of the portal by conducting better training sessions. This not only introduced users to new features and improvements but also worked on providing valuable tips to optimize their use of the portal.

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Through our determined efforts in this Salesforce Experience Cloud Case study, we transformed the Salesforce Experience Cloud portal, reinvigorating the user experience and sparking renewed enthusiasm among customers. User adoption rates surged, support requests dwindled, and as a result, customer satisfaction improved, and operational efficiency soared. This journey was a perfect fusion of technology and a personal touch, leading to a flourishing ecosystem for our client and their customers.

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