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Manage FLS Settings and CRUD Operations

Information Technology
LWC, SLDs, Apex Class, Asynchronous Apex


Our client approached us with a specific challenge: they required an all-in-one solution to perform queries within the Salesforce environment. The main objective is to provide them with the functionality to query records, visualize them, and make changes by selecting specific records. The primary focus of CRUD Magic is to provide Read, Create, Update, and Delete capabilities.



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  • The difficulties they faced because of their limited understanding of Salesforce CRUD operations in the absence of CRUD Magic.
  • To execute the create operation, they either have to utilize a user interface that allows the creation of only one record per instance, or they must possess knowledge of Apex programming to carry out bulk operations, which can be intricate for individuals without technical expertise.

Our Solution

Our team of Salesforce experts has provided them with a comprehensive solution that is mentioned below:

  • Enabling Extensive CRUD Operations: We designed an intuitive user interface that empowered non-technical users to easily execute comprehensive CRUD operations, eliminating the necessity for in-depth knowledge of APEX or the Bulk API. This user-centric approach made it effortless for users to seamlessly create, retrieve, update, and delete records within a unified platform.
  • Streamlined Pagination and Record Limitation Control: Our technological implementation introduced an efficient pagination system and management for limited records. Users could easily navigate through records within a single page while staying within advanced query limits. This solution guarantees a seamless and controlled data viewing experience for all users.
  • Efficient Batch Size Management Control: Within the CRUD framework, we empowered users, including those without technical backgrounds, to efficiently oversee batch sizes. This functionality simplified batch processing, ensuring accessibility and manageability for users with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Improved Validation Data Access: Our technological solution effectively tackled the issue of retrieving validation data. Users could now effortlessly retrieve validation information associated with particular objects and fields. This empowerment enabled them to efficiently identify and address validation issues during CRUD operations.

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By simplifying and streamlining essential CRUD operations, this versatile tool addressed common challenges faced by users, enhancing efficiency and productivity. With features like intuitive query building, advanced filtering, pagination, and batch processing, CRUD Magic empowered org admins and users to handle data with ease. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with the ability to work with multiple records simultaneously and customize data entry, not only simplified operations but also contributed to improved user adoption and data integrity. Furthermore, the introduction of CRUDMAGIC V2 with additional features such as record selection options, batch execution monitoring, multi-select picklist support, and advanced query capabilities further solidified its position as a valuable asset. This solution served as a catalyst for efficiency, enabling organizations to navigate complex data structures, reduce manual efforts, and derive deeper insights from their Salesforce data, ultimately driving growth and success in today’s data-driven business landscape.

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