Project Name

Odoo Database Migration Using OpenUpgrade



We found that our client operates in the manufacturing industry. They are seeking a solution to manage customer meetings, gather requirements, and offer product/service recommendations. Additionally, they require internal team management capabilities, particularly for tasks like customer feedback surveys and other operational activities.



The client encountered several challenges, including:

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  • Difficulty in migrating an Odoo database between major versions, requiring sequential intermediate migrations.
  • Potential data loss during migration due to changes in table structures and columns as versions are updated.

Our Solution

Our developers formulated a comprehensive solution that successfully addressed the client's encountered challenges:

  • We utilized the Odoo open-source database upgrade tool to perform a database migration process and resolve issues related to tables and columns by updating the codebase.
  • When running the script on the database, it may generate errors due to significant changes introduced in the major version, which are not supported by OpenUpgrade. To address data processing issues stemming from these changes, we have crafted our own queries to execute on the database.
  • This procedure should be reiterated until all modules have been successfully migrated to the latest version, ensuring comprehensive coverage of all modules.
  • This script will not remove any data from your tables and columns unless they are absent in your codebase or the latest Odoo version. This allows for straightforward tracking of which data and columns require modification.
  • We have the capability to generate a custom migration script for transferring data from our custom module by following the development module process within OpenUpgrade.

Data Flow Diagram


In conclusion, leveraging the OpenUpgrade script for Odoo Database migration significantly reduces the time and effort required to transition from a major version. Additionally, it offers the advantage of efficiently verifying the migration status of custom module tables and columns in the latest version. Hence, we have provided our client with a solution with the Odoo Implementation.

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