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Optimization of Application’s Performance By Upgrading to Rails 7.0

Ruby on Rails


Our client has developed a leading Ruby on Rails web application that works as a crucial component of business operations. The current version of their application is running on Rails version 6.0 and their client has identified the need to upgrade the latest stable Rails version. Moreover, they have expressed their concerns about the site speed and want to ensure a faster and smoother user experience for their future customers.



  • The client application is running on an older version of Rails 6.0, that shows multiple security risks and has limited access to latest features and improvements.
  • Many users have reported bad performance of the application that indicates the potential bottlenecks in the application’s speed that will directly impact user satisfaction and overall business performance.

Our Solution

Ksolves team has provided a robust solution that encompasses both the Rails version upgrade and site speed optimization.

Rails Version Upgrade

  • First, our team reviewed the current Rails version (6.0) and conducted a compatibility check with the latest stable release version (Rails 7.0) and then, created a backup of the database to ensure the data integrity.
  • Then, we updated the Rails gem version in the application’s Gemfile, which considers dependencies and runs through tests to ensure the system compatibility. All the unexpectable features were found and tests were again rerun to guarantee a smooth transition process.
  • After that, the Gemfile.lock was reviewed properly and outdated gems were updated to their latest versions. All the gems that were not needed were replaced with the modern equivalents to maintain a secure and well-maintained codebase.

Site Speed Optimization:

  • Ksolves team identified and addressed all the database-related issues through the indexing and query optimization. Tools like Bullet and Rack Miniprofiler helped in the identification and improvement of inefficient queries.
  • The asset pipeline web application optimization took place there where Javascript and CSS files were optimized by compiling and minifying them. Moreover, at that time, CDN integration was also considered to enhance the asset delivery speed.
  • Our team then implemented page caching, fragment caching, and HTTP caching headers to reduce the server loading time and speed up page rendering. We had even incorporated caching in controllers and views to achieve optimal performance.
  • While the load testing, tools such as Apache Benchmark have been utilized before and after metrics to identify and address any performance issues. This helped us to ensure the application’s stability under different conditions.
  • All the monitoring tools were integrated to track the client’s application performance in real time. This work on understanding the importance of regular updates to stay aligned with future Rails releases and benefit from ongoing improvements.
  • At last, the entire documentation was updated to guide future development and maintenance efforts that captured the changes during the web application optimization process. And, a comprehensive rollback plan was established to revert to the previous Rails version and database schema in case of unexpected issues.


Hence, our team successfully upgraded the Rails version and optimized the website with our solution. Not only this, but it became possible for us to enhance the overall reliability, speed, and maintenance of the client’s web application. With Ksolves solution, the client can improve their user experience, reduce the loading times, and a more resilient application infrastructure. Our clients were emphasized with our solution that helps them to ensure the application will remain up-to-date with the latest technologies and best practices.

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