Project Name

Preventive Maintenance in Pro-Active Cable Network Resources

Flutter, Node Js, Microservices, Angular


Our client required a Network Application platform to monitor live data during modem installations. This platform enables tracking modem performance metrics such as overloading speed, uploading, and downloading speeds. If a malfunctioning modem is detected, the system promptly deploys a technician to resolve the issue before the customer even has to place a service call.



Frame 81
  • They are required to write separate codes for iOS and Android devices, but they need a hybrid application that allows them to use the same codebase.
  • They require a platform that enables them to reduce their resource utilization.
  • Difficult to know the locations of all the modems installed is one of the biggest challenges.
  • The client seeks technology that can develop applications with minimal storage requirements, ensuring speed and efficiency without compromising performance.
  • They wanted to develop a robust system that automatically polls the network data and through machine learning, it should detect impairments and issues in the hardware.

Our Solution

Our developers provided a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by the client:

  • The client was advised to utilize a fast and efficient open-source Flutter framework by Google to build a hybrid application. This framework is known for its ability to create visually stunning, natively compiled, and multi-platform applications from a single codebase.
  • The client's expectations or requirements were met by incorporating numerous modules and sections from scratch.
  • Enhancing the app's efficiency by designing reusable components.
  • All third-party dependencies of the shared SDK were integrated.
  • Extensive backend support and multiple microservices were delivered to serve a large customer base.
  • We also created multiple machine learning models and trained the models to automatically keep track of the data collected.

Data Flow Diagram



We have achieved success in creating a cable network application that serves as a viable alternative to Flutter. This user-friendly package can be easily installed and configured to efficiently access and monitor devices and real-time data. Additionally, we have incorporated a straightforward map view that allows users to track modems throughout different regions and monitor technicians to expedite issue resolution.
For over a decade, we have been helping our clients and satisfying them with their needs and requirements.

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