Project Name

Zuul API Gateway Integration for Microservices

Java, Spring Boot, Node JS, Redis, PostgreSQL, Python flask, Docker, Kubernetes, Zuul API Gateway


Our client in the telecom and broadband industry aims to modernize their operations by transitioning from a monolithic application to a scalable microservices architecture. They prefer open-source technologies to achieve greater agility and scalability. This transformation will boost system flexibility and keep them competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.



The client is encountering multiple challenges related to their microservices architecture:

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  • They need to create a centralized entry point for routing requests to various microservices.
  • Ensuring consistent security measures across microservices, including authentication checks, poses a challenge.
  • Extending the token validity period to 24 hours based on the last activity is another challenge they face.

Our Solution

Based on challenges in Microservices migration, we provide a solution to them to solve their problems instantly:

  • We leverage Zuul as an API gateway for Microservices to streamline service routing and management.
  • Our solution includes robust authentication checks, ensuring secure access to microservices.
  • We implement an approach where token validity, stored in a Redis cache, is extended based on user activity.
  • We seamlessly integrate Kubernetes service discovery with Zuul for efficient and dynamic service routing.

Data Flow Diagram



Our journey from a monolithic application to a microservices architecture, supported by Kubernetes deployment and the Zuul API Gateway, has yielded remarkable results. The successful scalable Microservices migration has not only enhanced our system’s scalability but also enabled us to seamlessly handle a high volume of concurrent user requests. This transformation underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology, ensuring our ability to meet evolving industry demands and deliver exceptional user experiences. It’s a testament to our dedication to innovation and continuous improvement in the ever-competitive landscape of modern technology.

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