You Cannot Imagine These 3 Business Sectors With Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka


November 12, 2021

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is one of the most popular platforms these days. Apart from its popularity, Kafka is known for its scalability. It is a distributed publish-messaging system designed to be fast, scalable as well as durable. Apache Kafka offers a unified, high-throughput and low-latency platform to handle real-time data. It also has a storage layer which is a pub/sub message queue designed as a transaction log. 

Let us discuss in detail the three industries relying on Apache Kafka.

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka was originally developed by LinkedIn and was built for website activity tracking, capturing all the clicks, actions or inputs on a website. It was later made open-source in early 2011. 

Over the years the adoption of Kafka has changed significantly, where companies in internet services, entertainment and other industries have started using Kafka massively scalable architecture.

Kafka allows enterprises to turn everything into real-time data streams. These companies consider Kafka as a replacement for traditional data stores and as an easy way to unify data from various systems.

Gone are the days when Kafka was used only in IT operations, however, it is now being used for data related consumer transactions, financial operations, and many more.

Let’s dig deeper into the different industries that are using Kafka.

Internet Services

Many internet service providers (ISP) are using Kafka for service activation. Whenever any new customer signs up for internet services through phone or online, companies need to make sure that the hardware they receive is validated before it is used. The validation process-

  • Generates a series of messages
  • Then a log collector gathers the log data
  • The data is then  delivered to Kafka
  • Kafka then sends the data into multiple applications to be processed.

The major benefit of using Kafka is that the IT platform can perform activation service and deliver data to an analytics application so that the ISP can analyze activation by geographical area and other things.

Before the era of Kafka, capturing the data to various departments required engineering, business intelligence to duplicate the data. Kafka not only captures data on whatever is happening with the application but also what all is happening with the customers.

Financial Services

Financial market is the most busy market these days. Global financial firms need to analyze billions of transactions every day to search for the latest trends to stay on top. Earlier firms used to do that by collecting data from various businesses and sending it to a vast data lake and then running analytics on the captured data.

To shift the dynamics from reactive to a real-time analysis, Kafka is suffering as a message broker to financial data. Now, there is no need to analyze after-the-fact operational data, the firm’s analyst can analyze how the market is functioning and make decisions accordingly.

One of the biggest firms that is using Apache Kafka is Goldman Sachs. It built a cloud-based platform for instant communication. It is solely based on a cost-effective model which is open-source and extensible to suit end-user needs.


Entertainment companies, for example, a gaming company, must process in real-time, millions of transactions per day and make sure that the drop rate for messages is low. Earlier, companies used to leverage Apache Spark and Hadoop but they have recently switched to Apache Kafka.

The company is using Kafka as an issuance policy for this data. We know that Kafka can securely store data in a readable format. This allows the company to route messages through streamlined architecture and store through Kafka. It can recover the data in case of any misfortune.

One such big entertainment platform is Netflix. Netflix uses Kafka as the gateway for data collection. It is using Kafka for unified event publishing, collection, routing for both batch and stream processing.


In on-premise and in cloud, Apache Kafka has now left behind its original function of website activity tracking and has now become an industry standard that is offering a reliable and streamlined messaging solution for organizations.

Ksolves has been delivering software solutions for 9 years and has been one of the leading Apache Kafka service providers across the globe. With a stalwart team of 350+ Apache Kafka developers we have marked a niche’ in the industry. If you are looking for more information on Apache Kafka. Give us a call or write your queries in the comment section below.

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