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Why is Customer Happiness Indexing the Need Of the Hour?

The Customer Happiness Index is a measure to quantify how happy a customer is with a service, product, or experience. It reveals how a customer feels after engaging with your company. It also tells you if you have earned his loyalty and whether or not your company is being recommended further. Customer satisfaction is an […]


What Is The Scope Of Python in 2020 For Small Businesses?

To select the best programming language, businesses planning a product development process have to weigh several variables. Small businesses and startups have to look at the language popularity, the cost of developers, speed of development, libraries, scalability, and security within a tight budget. It is for the aforementioned reasons that the best bet is to […]


Improving Workplace Happiness Index: Is It Necessary?

Even if you have enough funds to support the best product in the world – the company will not be competitive in the long run without the right people. If you do not know how to make employees happy in the workplace, it’s not enough to have the right people! A demotivated workforce means more […]


Why Is Technical Customer Support Crucial For product-based companies?

As the name clearly implies, a product-based business deals with physical things, like clothing or boxes. Users will require support no matter what. Even the best product with the most impressive documentation & tutorials can require technical support to increase its longevity. Thus, technical customer support is a key selling point for the product-based companies […]


Why Java Is More Secure Than Other Languages- The Top Reasons

Due to its speed, safety, and reliability, the Java programming language has continued to gain popularity. As more organizations utilize digital technologies, the demand for Java developers has also increased. The key reason why many businesses use it is the unparalleled Java security features.  With Java security features such as automatic memory management, private transmission, […]


Java vs Hibernate Performance Benchmark: A Fair Opinion!

JDBC is an API that allows you to access a relational database within a java program. It lets you execute SQL statements from the Java code. A SQL statement that can run on a database directly can be run with Java code via JDBC.  Hibernate is a light-weight, non-invasive, open-source java Object Relational Mapping framework. […]


Apache Cassandra or MySQL- What Should You Use & Why?

With a data boom in today’s internet age, opting for the right database management system is very important for businesses. Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database and is readily available, linearly scalable, and provides high performance with variable workloads. It is very ideal for use cases across a wide range of applications such as business […]


Node.js vs Java: Select the Best Option for Your Business

The initial choice of technology matters a lot. For the business owners, the utilization of a specific technology makes or breaks the growth possibilities and performance of a product. On the other hand, the development teams depend on the technology for product support and effortless migration to different platforms. Here, the battle is between Node.js […]


Conventional Penetration Testing for E-commerce Applications

If we talk about penetration testing, then it is one of the most used testing methods that prevent network systems from getting hacked. Coming to E-commerce applications, who don’t use these applications nowadays. We all do right? E-commerce Applications these days have a personalized approach and they are being used massively on mobile phones due […]

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