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Why is Salesforce Costlier than Odoo?

The race for business success is challenging. Following your competitors in what is working for them might seem like a good idea, but the following will lead you to nowhere in the long run. Success comes only when you find that perfect recipe unique to your organization and gets you a notch above everyone else. […]


When Should We Migrate from Odoo Old Version to Odoo 14?

Getting regular updates for any software is a dream for any user. When you update software, more functionalities are added without any extra cost. In smartphones and high-performance laptops, updates are necessary because of the bugs and errors users face during the current version. When a user sends an error report to the company for […]


Advantages of NoSQL over RDBMS: Is the Former a Clear Winner?

Today’s decision-makers are spoilt for choice as the market is congested with so many database management options. While the market is abuzz with Big Data, Database Appliance, etc., the core rivalry is NoSQL & RDBMS. While RDBMS has dominated the market for a quarter of a century, NoSQL is a tempting option that is newer. […]


Why is Java So Popular in 2020: Everything You Need To Know!

The pandemic-hit 2020 marks the silver jubilee of Java! The fact that this programming language has survived a quarter of a decade deserves a round of applause. But, why is Java So Popular? Well, in this blog, you will get your answer! Java has consistently upgraded its programming efficiency for decades. It is one of […]


Salesforce for Small Business: What you really need to know!

Salesforce is a CRM as well as Sales Management Module that integrates all the sales information and customer’s data in one place so that users and the management can fetch the data from the module without any extra efforts. Small businesses form a significant part of the economy of any country. Having limited resources, they […]


Salesforce For Law Firms: How Can It Help In Internet Marketing?

Salesforce is one of the best CRM platforms that utilize cloud-based apps for services, sales, and marketing. A law firm is not just an office space with a signboard. There is a lot more than what meets the eye- employees to look after, impeccable record maintenance, complex case management, etc. The time spent on looking […]


Selecting Your Salesforce CPQ Consulting Partner: Top Things To Consider

Are you looking to deliver unparalleled customer services that steadily fuel up your business and boost brand value? Well, it can be achieved if you opt for the best Salesforce CPQ consulting company to partner with your business. The correct partnership will help you develop the best solutions, sell the products faster, and follow up […]


Salesforce Development in 2020- How Is It Helping The Businesses?

Salesforce is a household name in the business circuit for its excellent customer relationship management (CRM) services that can blend itself with many business processes. Salesforce has a strong & credible history of expertise in marketing automation, customer service, analytics, and application development, among other things. But, the best part is that Salesforce is not […]


Odoo’s Future Vision in Experience 2020

Odoo Experience 2020 has been an incredible journey for Odoo users as well as developers. In a short period, Odoo has emerged out to be the best ERP for every scale business, and it is quite evident with its increasing customer base all over the world. Launched in 2005 as a tiny ERP, Odoo has […]

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