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Sales Cloud vs Service Cloud: What Sets Them Apart?

Both the Service Cloud and the Sales Cloud are the core offerings of Salesforce. The case and services are emphasized by Service Cloud, which helps organizations to market & sell their goods and services. On the other hand, Sales Cloud is the module that enables businesses to focus on lead generation, sales growth, and opportunities. […]


Odoo 2020 Experience: A Breakthrough for E-commerce Websites

While anticipating the cure of Covid19, the business owners don’t have any idea what can happen in the future. It’s been more than 9months of businesses working remotely, and they are suffering huge losses. To cover the losses, they are adopting innovative ideas, so is Odoo. After the Odoo 14 roadmap announcement, Odoo ERP users […]


The Top 25 Reasons Why You Should Pentest

Penetration testing is an integral aspect of any organization. It involves a team actively attempting to penetrate your system and try to exploit your IT assets. Whenever Penetration testing is named, you might be wondering why do a penetration test when I have a personal server for my office and all the systems are highly […]


What Are The Benefits Of Odoo Ecommerce Themes?

When it comes to eCommerce business, you always get a chance to make a first impression. Two things that always remain irretrievable in an Ecommerce store are – Time and the First Impression. You get only one chance to make an impression that lasts a lifetime. When you start an eCommerce business, you put your […]


Top 10 Reasons Why Your SME needs a Penetration Tester

In today’s fast-paced world, the cyberthreat landscape is evolving, and businesses are increasingly pressurized to secure themselves from data breaches and cyberattacks. With the latest tools and technologies flooding the market every other day, the importance of penetration testing is growing. Penetration testing is mistaken for compliance analysis or vulnerability checks, but it’s more than […]


Odoo Experience 2020 – Breakthrough for the ERP Users Worldwide

Odoo is a complete Open Source Business Application Suite for businesses. The software integrates the data between different modules like CRM, Accounting, Project Management, Human Resources, Website Builder, eCommerce, MRP, Marketing, etc. Fabien Pinckaers founded Odoo in 2002, who is currently the CEO of the organization. In a short period, Odoo has established a worldwide […]


What is Spear Phishing? Tips to Prevent Spear Phishing Attacks

  Every individual receives spam emails with unsolicited email, foreign bank transaction requests, fake ads, and other appealing offers. Although spam emails are not harmful, as individuals either completely ignore them or respond accordingly. But, spear phishing emails are quite the opposite of spam emails because they are not just harmful but also hard to […]


Top 5 Business Benefits of Cyber Security Services

  Nowadays, businesses are getting more digitized and competitive than ever. Most of the transactions are now online and preferred over papers and pens and emails are prioritized over slow mails. Thanks to Globalization and Digitalization, businesses are now digitized, and breathes in a connected ecosystem – so do threats. Due to the digitalized and […]


Why Odoo ERP is a Perfect Fit for SMEs?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is considered the primary tool for managing overall tasks of different modules like production, order processing, inventory management, etc. The primary use of ERP is to act as a supervisor between business stakeholders like materials, revenue, order management, staffing, and manufacturing units. Through a single interactive database management system, ERP handles […]

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